Ft Lewis Soldier looking for a Drift Boat

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Hey all you Men and Women. I recently moved here to Ft Lewis from Ft Benning, Ga and I am really excited about the fishing and outdoors. Where can I get ahold of a used drift boat? I would sincerely appreciate some help here. Anyone with any leads or a fishing boat such as a used Alaskan Smoker please give me an email at [email protected]

Stay Army and Semper Fidelis....
click on the classifieds section there are a few for sale.

you can also to a "search" with the advanced search mode and select
classifieds field and it will pull up everything on our site.

good luck. I know of a few used ones for sale but they are both around 5k

PM if you are interested. it also helps to know if you want aluminum or fiberglass and what kind of water you plan on fishing.

here........ click on this http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/board/search.php?searchid=78552
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