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A very up close and personal view of a very tired moose...

For those of you who have fished Sheridan in B.C., I was fishing the end of Moose Island. It was kind of a boring afternoon when my freind in another boat was "glassing" the lake with his binoculars. He said a moose just got in the water at pinch a loaf point, and seems to be heading our way. The moose got closer and closer to us and looked as if he was going to go right in between our boats. We were maybe 150 feet apart and he was right in between us, and while in hindsight we should have given him all the lake he wanted, but we thought it was over. Then all of a sudden he thought my boat was going to be a better place to go to for a short rest. He was making a bee line right towards me, and all I could do was try and throw the rods in the bottom of the boat and try to pull anchor and get the hell out of there.

Screaming at him at first, thinking maybe he didn't see me, hoping to veer him to another direction had no affect, and took up way to much valuable time. I could not get the anchors up fast enough, I was just fumbling and screwing it up worse as I couldn't get the knot undone. In my shocked moment of fright, I never thought of just starting the motor, and getting the hell out of there, and just drag the anchors (what was I thinking?). He was coming at me like a hydroplane. My oars were stored away, so all I could do was fight him off using my 8' long net to keep trying to push him away. I could do nothing more than scream, push, splash, whatever I could to keep him from trying.

His legs were thrashing hitting my net, and I was scared shitless wondering what was going to happen if he reached the boat. I don't think he was pissed, just a little tired from the swim. I mean they swim a lot farther than that, but why choose me when the shore is so close? The whole episode lasted maybe 5-10 seconds but seemed an eternity. Finally I guess he gave up, swam only about 20 more feet to the island, as the shoal comes up in a hurry, and he could reach bottom. He just stood there and caught his breath, then walked to dry land. I just sat there, probably more dazed and confused than the moose ever was. My freind was just shocked and had no way to help other than scream and make noise.

I'll take all the blame for not giving him the right of way, or for just being in his path, but If I ever hear a moose is in the water, my boats is going on the trailer. I'm out of there...
Colorado, Crystal River, evening, 1968.
Fishing my favorite hole with my new 7 1/2" Fenwick rod, Medalist reel, and a black wooly worm (I'd just learned that there were BIG browns in there). False casting to run out enough line to drop into the crease, my line suddenly stopped in midair. Wierd. I look up and back and there is a Kingfisher, hooked and struggling to keep airborn. So I turned around and landed the Kingfisher, who was mighty annoyed. Got him on the ground without damage, clipped the hook and slipped it out of his beak. Cupped him in my hands and gave him a good toss aloft and away he went.
Great question as proven by all the great stories.

Jet black mink (I guess) along the Yakima. Saw it from a distance and worked down to where it was. It ventually got brave enough to walk right up to me. Man I wish I had the digi-cam back then. Saw the the same thing in Idaho a few times. It is like these littles guys have never seen a human.

Naked people at Jerry Johnson hot springs in Idaho. Good fishing up there too.

Baby moose with wobbly legs in meadow in the Sawtooths. Mama moose without wobbly legs and a lazer dead stare pointed right me.

Heard a deer crashing through the water on the NF Stilly last December. I just stayed very still in the brush and it passed about 20' away from me running like hell. Like someone shot at it or something.;) It never knew I was there.

It is stuff like this that makes fishing worthwhile even if you don't get into it.
- Grizzly bear while fishing Cameron Lake in Waterton National in Alberta Canada - glad I was in a canoe - he was 100 feet away walking on a path at the shore. Same trip, having a snow ball fight in the middle of July at the south side of Cameron Lake (remnant snow from winter?)

- mink, or maybe a weasal, while fishing on the Bow River east of Calgary

- Pelicans (not one but dozens) while fishing the Bow south east of Calgary

- Sea Lion chasing salmon while fishing at Whidbey.

A few years ago, a friend and I were walking some shallows along the intercoastal waterway in FL. It was very late after paddling some 6 miles or so to an island we wanted to camp at. We had some flashlights on looking for a flounder, or some blue crab to take advantage of. I looked back at my kayak for a second and noticed somthing glowing in the water. We turned off the lights and there were many little jellyfish (more like little globs of goo) that would light up evertime they bounced against the boats. Same trip a school of large mullet scared the .... out of me. The water was dead calm, sitting in a kayak in saltwater, when all of a sudden the water started getting cut up by a bunch of fins... Great trip though... mind the sand fleas it you ever want to camp on the beaches though.
It would have to be the time I was fishing a hike-in high mountain lake north of kamloops. We were just getting back to fishing from a lunch break when a nice sized black bear jumped in and swam across right where my old man had just gotten out of his boat.

Caught a beautiful 16" a few minutes later

5500' and nobody else for miles.. my kind of lake.
What a great thread! It has got me thinking of many memorable trips!

~The Moose story above jogged my memory of a time my wife and I spent on the West Fork Bitterroot. I took off odark thirty to do some fishing. About 300 yards downstream from camp I literally came face to face with a mother Moose. The only thing seperating us was a bush. I shouldn't say face to face as you have to look way up to these beasts. I backed off slowly, when out of "range" ran back to camp to find my wife.. neither of us had seen a moose in the wild. I took her back to the scene of the crime and managed to get us pinned betweeen one pissed off, nose huffing, standing ready to charge Mommy and the river. Some tense moments later and we were safely back at camp, until mommy moose and baby came literally grazing through our camp. We played "stay on this side of the table with mamma moose" until she left. haha.. I have a good shot of mamma running past the truck.

~On a trip to yellowstone my wife and I got literally pinned against the river by a black bear that decided to wake up when we were fishing the Lamar river. It didn't pay us any mind just went on grazing and left us alone... It did make my wife question any section of any river for the rest of the trip.

~Same yellowstone trip we saw two gray wolves in First medow of Slough Creek. That was special.

~Had a Cottonmouth decide my float tube was an island on the Chattahoochee.... could of been a watersnake, but Cottonmouth makes the story better. Either way, it made me take a bath.

~Firefly's in the south looking like christmas lights while fishing the Hootch.

~The scariest thing I have seen is a Tiger Shark in the Olowalu area of Maui while a buddy was teaching me how to spearfish when I lived out there. Didn't mess with us but it kept me out of the water for a few days. Scary, but a lucky sighting.

~The only cougar I have ever seen running through a lumber mill on the upper Yak.

~Lots of Buffalo, Deer, Elk, and Sheep... but in our universe thats pretty much a given.



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# 1 bonus is seein nobody

Getting between griz sow and cubs in AK, horny moose, sasquatch, exotic wildlife and wild dogs while fishing.

But the best thing is feeling the tempo of wild. The simple things. Notice the nuances, believe in sasquatch, and the fish will reward you. Don't get in the way of yourself. Practice seeing things.

10% of the fishers catch 90% of the fish.
1% of the fishers catch what they seek.
Hiking into the Yellowstone in the park about 20 buffalo ran by us about 50 ft away. The ground really does shake when these things are moving.
Same trip two bull Elk were bugleing at each other and we were between them. Got a little nervous cause they sounded pissed.


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Nailknot said:
# 1 bonus is seein nobody

Getting between griz sow and cubs in AK, horny moose, sasquatch, exotic wildlife and wild dogs while fishing. Notice the nuances, believe in sasquatch, and the fish will reward you.
this needs some more details bud....was the moose AND the sasquatch horny? How could you tell? were you the object of her/his affection?

it's funny, I make MORE noise while walking through the woods than I used to......cougars abound, and surprising a mama bear and two cubs a couple years ago cured me of my stealth moves. I don't want to surprise something that might bitch-slap my head into a bowl of potato salad!!
While bass fishing near a marina a boat pulled up to the dock two chicks got out and as the guys were headed back out they flashed em.
i was only 15 so that was pretty awesome. and while fishing in AK i had a 60Lbs+ king poke his head out of the water about 8' awayfrom me i almost s*** my waders.
I'd have to say a mountain lion right off of the road on Rock Creek tops the list-but a close second was getting chased out of a prime fishing spot by a three year old or so brown bear on the Lower Talarick in Alaska.

I was fishing with my back to a berm, the bear snuck up behind the berm where I couldn't see him. I heard a rustling, figured it was a bear (they are all over the meadow down there) and turned my head as this guy tops the berm and starts ambling my way. I promptly reeled in (was targeting some ten-plus pound rainbows, dammit) and backed off the spot.

The thing got so close I could smell him as I slowly backed away. It was tough footing, so I couldn't move too fast, and didn't really feel like falling on my butt in front of a bear. At one point, I'm calling the distance maybe three rod lengths. Super close.

He hopped right into the spot I was standing in, jumped off the bank and grabbed the first sockeye that came by. Dragged it up on the bank, put a paw on the tail, fileted it with one bite, flipped it over with his nose and took off the other filet.

I was still slowly backing off the whole time. I've seen a fair amount of bears up there, but that was a pretty cool show.
Let's see I have seen a coyote pup on the Coweeman, came right up and had a drink of water right next to me, he let me pet him too! Saw a cougar on the Kalama, thank goodness I was in the Truck at the time. He walked right in front of me on the road and looked at me as to say "Well what are you going to do about it" Saw a Mountain Goat on the Yakima, we were right up next to the Bank in a drift boat and I turn to look at the bank and he was standing right there about 5 feet away. Seen river otters on the East Fork of the Lewis. I was up there last year and almost ran right into a black bear, I got up the hill and walked around an Old growth tree and he was Standing right there, Scared the crap out of me. I took off back down the hill fell and rolled the rest of the way I looked up to make sure he didn't want to follow me and he was running the other way. Saw a Huge Fat Beaver on Steamboat lake. Bald Eagle at Merrill Lake. He was stealing everyone's catch. and a Rattle snake on the Deschutes. I love seeing wildlife, it's is so cool being outdoors!:thumb:
Had a martin swim across the Yak and get out on the same log I was standing on, then continue running down the shore for a while. Also brought a 14' Tiger shark to the side of a 12' dinghy while fishing in Australia.

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