Advice - Please Help

I was thinking about going to Carkeek Park or Lincoln Park today for SRCs. I am very new to SRCs and havn't figured out what times / tides are best.

Which park at which time should I consider?

I really appreciate the help.
If your new to the game like I am the best thing to do is to just get out there and fish. I would start at low tide so you can see the structure you should fish when the tide rises. You will have to figure out what tide is best for yourself. I have read a lot of old posts and it seems that most peeps believe that morning or eavening is best on any tide is ok as long as it is moving and not stagnant. If you fish it enough you will figure what part of the tide fishes better at each beach. should be able to pick up fish either place


Just check the tide and go try it no matter what it is. I've caught fish on low tides and high tides on the same beaches, just make sure you're fishing between tides. Even if you're fishing the slack tide it's only a matter of time before the water starts moving again. Keep in mind what the tide was doing when you were fishing a beach then keep record of that somewhere. You'll find some beaches fish better at different tides, but a lot of beaches it wont matter what the tide was doing, just that it was doing something.

For migrating coho I think the morning and evenings are best, but for cutties and resident silvers time of day seems to matter very little.