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Ryan Haseman
Anyone see bob quigley's dragon gurgler in the newest Northwest flyfishing mag?

If you changed it to white foam I would think that would be a sweet popper for SCR's. Has anyone seen or used that pattern. I dont get the hook. is the shaft bent, or is it a trailing hook?
The Dragon Gurgler I've seen is tied with a trailing hook, and from what I remember the author of the article I read said it works best with the hook point facing up. I've seen some commercially tied versions in a fly shop that actually has the hook epoxied off of the tail materials at a downward 45 degree angle, to keep the hook point riding up and in a good position to hook a fish rising for the fly.

I think the foam is a great idea- actually, I think one of the original 'gurglers' is made that way, with a foam lip that pushes water and wakes. Tie it small, and watch 'em slash it!

Scott Behn

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Along these same lines you can also tie up a pattern called Hotlips. I believe it is orginally a stripe bass pattern, but don't know for sure. If you want a photo and recipe lemme know.


Scott Behn

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Sure... I don't remember what magazine I got this from, but I have enjoyed fishing it.

This is the recipe from the mag...I have changed some things in my own tying so...

Hook: Mustad #34011 (size 2)
Head: 2mm white foam .25"W x 3.0"L
Tail: white or tan saddle (2 @ 1.5")
Body: Lg. red ice chenille

I have used red, chart., black, yellow, ect. colors for the body as well as changing the color of foam, but found the white foam easiest for me to see.

I was using the Gurggler yesterday for SRC. Mine did not have the bill underneath but essentially it was as pictured. Anyways to make a long story short my buddy with the sunk fly had zero hits while I had 4 rolls to my fly. However the number of hookups was the same. I love fishing a floating fly for SRC but I sure don't hook many. Anyone have the secret? I am going to try a trailer as they often seem to come up short.


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Your going to miss alot of fish with top water. It is the name of the game fishing them. I dont mind missing fish because the takes are so cool.

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