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Hello all-

Just been reading and enjoying the board for the last half an hour and would like to say this is the best resource I have found for flyin'.

Quick question to all: I am going to Richland this weekend to visit family. I haven't really ever spent any time in the area, so I don't know it too well. I was also hoping to get away for awhile to fish (hopefully a river).

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go or even a site or book to find a good place? I'd appreciate any help.

I spent many summer days along the Columbia and Yakima rivers fishing in my youth, and there isn't much in the way of trout. If you like smallmouth and carp, you'll be in Heaven. In Richland, and all along the Columbia parks abound, so there is no loss for access. Good luck!

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If you have time on the way over, you could stop and fish along the Yakima anywhere between Cle Ellum and Roza Dam for trout. The river is also open below the town of Prosser to the mouth of the Yakima for Chinook salmon. Might be tough to find a spot that would allow you to flip flies at them but there are a few places. I'd turn off in Ellensburg on Canyon Road and follow the road through the lower canyon pulling over to fish where ever there's an open pullout spot to park.

Good luck


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Don't bother with anything other than the Yakima. I floated it with a buddy on Monday from Irene to Ringer and had a 50+ fish day. 90% of the fish were on nymphs with a few on big October caddis patterns in the evening! I'm sure the Canyon section that you could drive through would be fishing just as well if not better. Most of the fish were in the 12-14 inch range with a few 16's, 17's and one 18 thrown in as well.

Check in with the Evening Hatch in Ellensburg for additional reports. They had two boats out floating the same stretch as me and I think they stuck to dries. Everyone was catching fish though. Hope this holds up for a few more days/weeks.

NOTE: Fishing slowed temporarily from around 4PM to around 6PM if that makes a difference to you. The hottest bite was at 9AM to 11AM using 2 nymph dropper set up with split shot for added weight. Quite a few big (2-3 pound) whitefish too.
Thank you much for the info.

I had a feeling the Yakima would be the overriding consensus. You mentioned "from Irene to Ringer," where is that?

If I were to go from Richland what would you say would be a travel time estimate.

Again- thanks
Irene is Irene Rhinehart(sp?)park in Ellensburg and Ringer is Ringer Road. It's a takeout/parking/access area right before you enter the canyon just outside of Ellensburg.

The Evening Hatch just off I-90 before you head into the canyon has great information for access by foot on the upper river. They can also fill you in on what the river is doing (hatches, flows, etc.). But there are lots of good places to pull over and bank it once you get into the canyon between Ellensburg and Yakima.

Once you access the river you can walk it quite a distance due to the low water.

It takes about 2 hours to get from Seattle to Ellensburg
I want to heartily endorse Saltchuck's recommendation. I floated the lower canyon yesterday and the action was almost unbelievable. I fished from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and caught fish the whole time, but between 1:00 and 2:00 I had possibly the best hour of fly fishing ever on that river. I was using a small (#16) gray baetis emerger trailing 12 inches behind a para bluewing olive. During that hour, I could hardly make a cast without hooking up. If you can tear yourself away from the SRC's and salmon/steelhead action on this side of the mountains, the Yakima is worth the drive right now (but may not be for much longer).


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I have always wanted to try fly fishing for smallmouth on the Snake. I fished it several years ago with conventional gear and was amazed at how prolific was the smallmouth population. The best spot is accessed from Charbonneau State park about halfway between Pasco and Walla Walla, probably less than 30 miles from Richland. This time of year should be terrific. If you have a tube or boat, fish with Buggers on a type 4 sinking, and if you wade try a sink tip. The location is perfect if you're staying in the Tri-Cities.
Good luck
1st question is - will you be floating the river (raft /boat, pontoon or drift) or will you be wading? This will determine whether you can get to some spots on the river. From my house in Richland to Red's Fly Shop (mile post 15 in the lower canyon between Roza Dam and Ellensburg) is 1 1/2 hours (95 miles)

Good luck!


"In our family, there is no clear
line between religion and fly
fishing" Norman Maclean

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