Point Defiance


Sculpin are gross.
Anyone know about fishing for SRC's in point defiance? I know there are supposed to be some good spots by the bridge in Tacoma, but I havent seen anyone talking about fishing from Point -D.
In addition to this, does anyone know of any good wadeable lakes in the greater tacoma area?
There are some great rips that form off the south end of point defiance, so you could certainly find fish there. I have had little or no success there, but I blame timing. Fish it and see how it is. If it's so-so, post your findings. If it's incredible, keept it to yourself or it won't be for long. BTW - careful walking to the end of the point on a low tide, when it comes up, you'll have a booger of a time getting back.

Most of the lakes around here are much better fished from a float tube than by wading. Either access is limited or the bottoms are too soft. Having said that, there is some sandy shore on Spanaway, which has already gotten a planting this year, and will also have hold-overs and warmwater species. There's also some sandy / gravelly beaches on American Lake, and to the right of the swimming beach on Five Mile lake off of Military in Federal Way. In fact, in this weather, you could probably fish that whole beach.

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