DRY FALLS IV - FINAL - April 21, 22, & 23


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Flyn'dutchman said:
Nice picture of the lake Chris. Will anybody be there on the 20th? I have to work on the weekend but will probably make it again like I did last year for Thursday and Friday. You up for a little night fishing Thursday night?
I've requested Friday off so if all goes well, I should be able to head over Thurday after work and be there in time to fish. :)

Zen, if you could make it up there early enough, we could go scout carp flats on Friday!

Scott Salzer

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I am sure going to try and make it. Would like to leave on the 20th. I need to check with a few people about whether they will be coming with me, if not, I'll have extra room. I can certainly bring along a U-tube for someone to use. I also have extra camping equipment if needed.

I live in the south end, Burien area, so if there is someone down this way that would like to go, let me know and I'll put yuou on the list.



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Whoever shows up first oughta look for a group of spots close to the bathrooms. Stake a claim 'till more of us show up.

I'll bring Flo' and her ugly sister the Pimp Ship, a few extra other things, and a good supply of ear plugs for us old farts.


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I'm 95% sure I'll be able to make it. A couple of friends from work might be able to come along as well, so I might need to borrow a floating device for them if available.

Sounds like it's going to be a blast over there! Just leave the dead racoon at home!

Now I have to tie for this and Montana... sweet!! :cool:

Zen Piscator

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Ya i need to get going on finding some flats. I will probably be up there the weekend before checking out some warmwater lakes like banks but not sure.

friday sounds good, I will probably not fish DF much in the day so I am down for other things, besides sleeping.

I'll be working in the area so should be able to get there for at least one day. Looking forward to it!

I'll be up for a carp side trip for sure.


Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Are Kristin and ROOOONNNN!!!! coming?

It would not be the same with out them. Very entertianing bunch last year, and Jake was hammering yard with rubber bands which was also pretty dang sweet.

I am so very looking forward to this get together. I have a weird schedule and have been unable to attend events in the past...Stream fishing has been my forte' as of recently and I'm eager to get into stillwater fishing...I'll bring my canoe and my limited expertise to the event...I am a professional drunk and an amature fisherman.... I'll bring plenty of wood and booze for the evening events but am going to to need serious instruction for the actual fishing on this lake...Looking forward to the event...

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, Tiff and I will be there. Maybe with the kids as well. Will see if I can get that Friday off (maybe, harder then hades to get a friday off at UPS). Ok, just thought I'd ask again. Will I be able to launch a driftboat there? Not really worried about the roads, I have been down really bad logging roads towing a boat, so not a biggie.

Ok, onto the food. I'll be bringing the deep fryers, and hopefully my cook station (if it ever shows, it's on backorder damned it). I'll be bringing the stuff to deep fry turkeys, onion rings, fries, etc. Bring whatever else you want to bring to fry up (will have enough stuff to make alot of beer battered anything). Bring extra turkeys if you want, I'll be bringing one with me. One thing though. Turkeys MUST BE THAWED COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No frozen. Trust me, you don't want to see the explosion from a frozen (or even partially frozen) turkey hitting the grease. If anyone wants to bring extra peanut oil, that would be great (best to buy like at Sam's club in the 5 gallon size). Can be bought at GI Joes too.

If I get my cook station soon (just a large cooker with a huge flattop grill for lots of pancakes, eggs, and bacon at the same time), I'll bring enough stuff to make a huge breakfast for those wanting it.

I read the original post before it was closed down (why I added the thawed turkeys), and I'm not out trolling for flies. LOL. I won't do alot of fishing, since I haven't trout fished in 20 years. Just need a couple to get by. LOL. They need to be WHOLE turkeys (some people in the past have brought half turkeys, don't fry up well at all). I'll be running two deep fryers, so I can do two turkeys at a time. Can do a turkey in about 45 minutes, so can crank out almost 6 turkeys in 2 1/2 hours.

Any other questions for me? You can deep fry about anything (and I think I have lol).