Citation issued from WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

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You guys can't believe how upset I am after having received a citation on August 27 at the Lake Wilderness access area for not having the required sticker! Since I actually DO have the sticker in the appropriate location on my truck's rear window (right next to the stickers for both of the previous years), I contacted the WDFW to express my displeasure in a very cordial way.

After being ignored by my e-mail to enforcement, I contacted the Director's office, who sent me to the Captain in the Regional office, who sent me to a Sargeant in the Regional office, who continues to evade me. :REALLYMAD

At one time, he tried to get me to take it up with the court, but I say Bullsh*t! I can't believe they won't "step up to the plate", admit their error, and cancel the citation themselves from the court records to clear my name.

My question: does anyone else out there have a similar experience to share for getting cited even though the sticker was in place?
Well actually I did have a similar experience.

My sticker is on my pickup's lower back window on the drivers side.

After launching my boat, I forgot to roll the tonneau cover back down so it was temporarily obscured from view.

I got a ticket, but even saw the officer when I returned and showed him that I DID have a sticker. He said he would "Take care of it". He didn't take care of SQUAT.

Then, the citation came in the mail, I had to go to court with proof of when I purchased the sticker, as well as pictures of the sticker on my vehicle.

The charges were dropped, but it was huge hassle.

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Guess it's time to be a jerk.

Go to court, suppeona all the parties you tried to get help from, including the fish and game warden. When one does not show up for court (which why would they bother) the judge will drop the charges. Then shedule an interview with a reporter outside the courthouse and tell the world how little they gave a rip. Oh, and have a picture of your &*^%$ parking sticker and another of a group of law breakers snagging salmon and name a few names....

I wouldn't probably bother, but if you wanted to ruffle a few feathers you could. :WINK

Remember, you are fighting the system that wants and needs your money.

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Wow, this is really sad. If they have the resources to go around writing tickets for failure to properly display the sticker (and getting it wrong, for God's sake), they ought to be able to do a better job of enforcing the things that really matter. WDFW once again showing its true colors - too busy wrongly writing tickets for sticker display violations to go deal with the A**holes snagging silvers on the Duwamish. :REALLYMAD
I had a similar situation resolved by contacting the prosecutors office and speaking to the District attorney on the matter. Mine was dropped without going to court. Maybe I was lucky. :WINK


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That method works great for speeding tickets too...

It just goes to show that "law enforcement" is all about collecting fines, not stopping crimes. It's much easier for them to go around to the parking lots looking for vehicles without stickers than it is to actually confront some redneck snagging salmon.
It happened to my fishing partner too. He went to court and all he had to do was show that he had a valid license and it was thrown out. He even had a picture of it being in the right place on his car, which I saw him put in when he got to the put-in parking area. I also wrote a statement to that fact for him to take with him. In fact he said the judge was rather annoyed at the whole thing, like "NOT ANOTHER ONE OF THESE PARKING TICKETS". Its a big waste of time for them too! Aren't there some REAL law-breakers out there to catch? :MAD I agree with the above that its to easy for them to write tickets then to go after criminals!!! Its all about money then, not enforcement. Maybe if the parking area's were a little bigger or they actually spend some of our money improving them you could justify why they are so agressive on enforing it? Just trying to understand both sides here. There are bigger fish to fry! Sorry for the pun! haha
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Any computer geeks out there?

Lets hack into the DFW kitty and buy pizza and beer for all members of and send a thankyou note and a picture of us all eating pizza to our friends at DFW and oh, lets give the pizza delivery boy a big fat tip :THUMBSUP

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Okay my question is where is the right place for the sticker? If I'm not mistaken, the WSDFW "Vehicle Use Permit" has room for two license numbers, so it can be used with multiple vehicles. I just carry mine along with my fishing license, and throw it on the dashboard whenever I'm in an area that requires a permit. Never gotten a ticket - but maybe I've just been lucky?

Am I looking to get fined by some uninformed enforcement dude, or am I the one that's uninformed?:DUNNO



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As of this year, you can put it on the dash if you want to use it for two vehicles. Just make sure you write the plate # in the space or they can probably ticket you for that.
if i read the regs correctly, it can be in the front seat, on the dash or on the windshield. the back is no longer the proper place for it. seems like the back would be the easier place though. jer


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Zen and parking tickets

Remember one thing, look deep enough and you will find the truth. In this case it's about who's making this important. The WDFW officer? His boss? His bosses boss? You need to find out who is pushing these issues and why.
Then take the SOB out back and shoot him! Oop's, that's not good for my kharma. Really, approach this in a civil manner with the WDFW and see what you come up with. Then remind all of them they are public servants and one way or another we could determine their fate.
Never forget your local newspaper.


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And those little lovely stickers are so attractive... I look so forward to plastering one of those on my vehicles... looks so tacky....
Are these the same stickers that say "Access Stewardship"??

I don't think mine had a space to write my license plate number.

I didn't receive anything that said "Vehicle Use Permit" even though it said I was supposed to get one in the letter sent with the license.

I've been putting mine on the dash and haven't had trouble... yet.
I had a similar bummer at Lake Wilderness years ago...well it wasn't Fish and Wildlife it was the Police...and come to think of it I wasn't fishing I was drinking...and I was only about 16...and....never mind. :CLOWN