What is this guy talking about???


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I'm not too sure what this question is all about....

Here's the question:

How to get the silver line to stay on the black line?

Can anyone help? Any guesses?


Jerry Daschofsky

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Sounds like they could be talking about getting the leader to attach to a sinking line (sinktip or full sink). Some mono's have a silver appearence to them, and of course alot of sinktips/sinking lines are black in color (yeah, I know some are brown too).

That's my guess.


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Ah, thanks for the suggestion Jerry...I appreciate it...I've about given up on the guy really...I mean if he can't ask a clear question then it really makes it hard for me to help him...Maybe I'll ask him if this is what he meant as I think I have his email somewhere.

How's things been goin' man? Saw you last down on the Cowtilla around 2003 or 4 I think...Still workin at UPS was it?

Take er easy.


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Hey Jerry, thought I recognized ya...Yeah, if I can manage I'm going to make it down to the Kalama shin-dig but gotta make a livin' first...I'm sure you know how that goes.

Fred, it was received via email...I'm going to write the guy tomorrow and ask him to clarify.

Thanks for the help guys,


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Not to worry about VERY basic questions. I've got a young fellow (off a UK fly board) who asks me quite unusual questions fairly frequently. Why you/me? Probably because he has 'faith in us to treat him gently.'

And that's a very nice compliment.


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Hey Fred,

I hear ya there...I just wish when people asked questions they'd give ya an idea of what they're asking about...Especially when it's done online...It's hard to figure things out when you don't know the context of which it was asked.

Well, I wrote him last night and asked him to clarify...Guess I'll be doing the wait and see....If he writes back, then great...If not, I guess it'll be his loss as I am willing to research the answer for him.

Take care,

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