Lining a 11' 7wt BIIX

I finally broke down and bought the 11' 7wt BIIX that I've had my eye on for the last six months. I plan on using the rod to skate dries on the Ronde, nymph rivers like the Clark Fork and Spokane, and even a little carpin'. I already own a 5/6 windcutter. But I want to add a line that I can cast single handed for nymphing etc. So let's hear it... what's the best line for my purposes?


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Well, do you like the way the 5/6/7 windcutter loads the rod? If so, you might want try matching the weight of that to one of the Beulah "river extra" lines add a "w" to They pretty much match aftma shooting head weights for the first 30 feet, but are kind of a spey taper for the remaining head length which is about 45 to 50 feet depending on size. I have 2 of them and think they are pretty good for both overhead and spey style casts on short rods ( I have a 10.5 foot switch rod and an 11.5 foot spey rod). great nymphing line.