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Not taken much time to 'putt about' the forum "Home Page;" ... till this morning. AMAZING the amount of truely good info/articles/etc., available for reading.

This one really caught my attention; well written and hugely informative. Yes, you can 'high stick nymph' with a spey rod. :ray1:

In 'skinny water' or runs that are close to your bank it's a VERY effective way of taking fish.

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High stick with spey but "speydicatoring" is deadly, a nice fast action tip flex 14 foot rod and you almost have a float drift type rod, deadly long drag free drifts are possible.

Nymphing is the #1 steelhead fly fishing technique out here in GLs for at least 26 years now. Fish are always feeding in our short insect rich rivers, plus no change from salt to fresh, just fresh to fresh water, and they remember. In the big lakes they are feeding on all sorts of insects and shrimp in addition to the bait fish.

Good article, I am a nympher at heart, but love to swing speys and streamers too.



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Man, I can't wait til my spey gets here so I can put some nymphs to use on big water. Glad you liked it.


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