Holy carp! Green Lake 19Mar06

It was too nice to stay inside, so Donte and I paid a visit to our favorite urban aquifer to see if we could find any holdover stocked rainbows, or even a fat brown trout. Donte stayed nice and warm on his pontoon, and I hoped I wouldn't run into any of the fabled tiger muskies as I bobbed in my vulnerable little v-tube.

nice day...

Donte fished his brand-new 4wt with a Battenkill Mid-Arbor- what a nice reel! Too bad Christmas is so far away... I fished my trusty 590-4LL, and brought along a 3wt rigged for chironomid fishing, if any were around. Full sinking lines and tandem flies were the order of the day as we slow-trolled woolly buggers and other standard lake fare.

My fly would hang up on the occasional rock or weed as we made our way toward the deeper parts of the lake; a quick pull would free them. After one of those quick pulls, the 'snag' pulled back!

It was heavy, and fought with big movements and head shakes, but stayed deep-- the poor LL was never made for such abuse. After four or five long minutes, wondering if my 6x would hold, I saw the scaly sides of the Green Loch monster...

I made a lunge with the net, and got about as far as the beast's gill covers... and to think I had brought the 'big' net! My first Green Lake carp was a beauty, in some sense of the word.

carp wrestlin'

The rest of the day brought sun, but no other fish. Can't wait until the spring lake opener...

Ahh, fly fishing in Seattle-- traffic on a Sunday afternoon. Have to take the bad with the good :thumb:


Nice story I really liked the pics along with it. That carp has one heck of a kisser haha. Glad you got to go out and have a good time as for me I'll live vicariously through the posts until I can get out on the water.:thumb:
That's funny Josh, when Donte saw it he said 'Man, that thing's a TANK!' He was a bruiser for sure... and Jami, it was just a short trip but it was enough :thumb: go try some local lakes!
Oh yes... that thing is effortless, and fast. That said, the one I use is my friend's! But it'll fill that big v-tube in under a minute... check out the WFF gear program, you can demo one, and even check out the new K-40 'two pumps in a pump.'


Sculpin Enterprises
You know you have a big fish when you're first thought on seeing the fish is "Oh man, I should have brought a bigger net!!" Its like fishing for searun cutthroat on the Cowlitz and hooking a steelhead instead. Sweet fish and sounds like a nice way to spend a sunny day.



Still in the 206.....
I think we should have a WFF Urban fishing get together one of these nice spring weekend mornings....
If we don't catch anything we can at least enjoy some of the jogging path scenery.... :cool:
I have lived in Seattle for nearly 10 years but never fished it. Something about hauling my tube down to the lake in waders with so many hot chicks around that has me freaked out!
Anyone else in?


not bad for a yankee
I've been reading that the state has been planning to net out all the carp in G.L. due to the fact carp disturb some aluminum sulfate the WDFW are laying on the bottom to get rid of algae. Don't carp eat the algae? Am i confused? Also, does anyone have consistent experience with the carp in GL or is it usually a sort of a suprise fish? ~ Steve

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