kick raft preferences?

I know some of you have tested or own the Water Master Grizzly raft.

Have any of you tried or do you own one of the competing products, the Water Strider built in Hamilton, MT or the Acess EXP from Wilderness Access, from Moscow, ID?

All three rafts look very similar to me in their promotional brochures, so I would appreciate any feed back you can provide before I try to make a decision about which one to buy.

You can email me with your advice, if you prefer.



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I own the watermaster, the biggun'. The difference between it and the strider is the seat. The watermaster uses a saltwater grade plywood as a platform, and a collapsible folding chair setup. A full on driftboat style seat is available as an add on. The strider uses an inflatible section as the seat. In other words it seems to be the same design as the Abel boat. I prefer the stiffer, at times less comfortable watermaster seat as it is more stable in rougher water. One advantage the strider has, and is strictly a loophole, is it allows the boat to be used where THREE air compartments are mandatory, even though that seat ain't doin' didley for you if you get in trouble. Otherwise the design of both is pretty much identical, and the quality of both is probably identical as well. Both good products. No experience with the third boat you mention.

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I have a Watermaster Kodiak that was made custom fit to my inseam. I've floated it twice and cannot think of anything I don't like about it. To alleviate the discomfort of the firm seat, I bought a 3/4" thick Therm-a-seat foam cushion for $8 that I velcro to the nylon Watermaster seat. Makes for all day comfort. Have no experience with the others, but given the customer service and product quality, I give Watermaster a hearty 2 thumbs up.