I am going to buy my first pair of waders on Monday..I am considering a pair of Hodgeman Neoprene 3.5mm for around 80 bucks and some felt bottom wading boots. Hoping to catch my first Steelhead and stay reasonably warm this winter.

What kinds of waders do you guys use?



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Go check out Gart's Sporting Goods. They have all waders on sale for 40% off. I just picked up a pair of Hodgman Wadelight breathables for $60.00.


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Buy breathables. With proper layering you will stay warm and they are far more comfortable then neoprene. Make sure you get wading shoes or boots big enough for a pair or 2 of heavy socks and still fit a bit loose. If your shoes are tight your feet will get cold. If your feet are cold, you are cold. This is the biggest mistake people make when buying waders and shoes for cold weather.


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Without any doubt in my mind you should spend your money on breathables. I had neoprenes first and the went to breathables and have fished in 13 degree weather with no problem at all. Breathables are the best in my opinion. And as stated, you can layer up if need be or wear nothing but your scimpies in the summer and be completely comfortable. Be sure to get the correct size of boot though, one that can contain a big pair of socks or even two pairs if needed, without constricting your foot. VERY IMPORTANT :pROFESSOR

I side with the breathable crowd - if nothing more than your comfort when trekking down trails or bush whacking - neoprenes fit tight and limit movement and I felt more tired at the end of a day when fighting the extra constriction by the neoprene.

A pair of fleece pants under and I've been equally, if not more comfortable.

And don't forget the end of the day when you peel the neoprene from your wet, sweaty legs and feet - it's not very fun. I usually have to bring a change of clothes to change before I head home because mine get so wet from the sweat.

If you'll be hiking some and not standing in the cold river the whole time, get the breathables and spend some on some adequate layers - read troutman101's post about layering if you haven't already.

I bought some Hodgemens breathable with wading boots from Gart Sports! 60bucks thanks for the tip Cactus! :BIGSMILE

Thank you everyone else for the advice..my girlfriend even bought a pair...god help me! heh