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Well now that I'm having to work every weekend excluding my anniversary weekend I have to try to find places to hunt these beauties within a close drive from Lk. Stevens. Anybody hunt turkey on this side of the hill? I'm still a little flustered right now so I haven't even looked to see what GMU's that I can hunt over here.

Any help is much appreciated!!!!

NFR...NFR!!!! Turkey???

28 hunters killed 26 birds in western wa. last year, several of which came from the issaquah area. the wdfw has a harvest report online but i think i got that stat out of fishing/hunting news if i remember correctly. you want to pass any info you have on to me re: northeastern wa. birds???


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NFR...NFR!!!! Turkey???

Josh Benjamin said:
...you want to pass any info you have on to me re: northeastern wa. birds???
Whatcha mean by "northeastern"? There's lots of birds in the Okanogan...:thumb:
NFR...NFR!!!! Turkey???

There are places about an hour and a half or so outside the Seattle area where you can bag a bird. I popped one last year second day of the hunt. I may try and take one this year with a bow.

Good luck :thumb:


NFR...NFR!!!! Turkey???

roper-we will be in the 49 degrees north gmu in the ponderay w.a. but we are going blind due to lack of time to get over there and scout. opening weekend is looking to be more of a scouting trip than a hunting trip.
any secret honey holes??
we are open minded as far as where to go...thanks