Finished my Forecast 13' 8/9, what line?

Just finished my new rod last night, a 13', 8/9, forecast blank . I recently got a good deal on a 9/10 Cortland 444 sl, change-a-tip line and I'm wondering if anyone has built this rod and what line weights did you like best. I'm a spey rookie with over 40 years experiance with single handed rods. Rod turned out pretty nice. I'll see if I can figure out how to post a picture. I've been told that newer spey casters should overload by 1 line size, that's why I got the 9/10. Any recommendations?
From experience, you probably wont like the connection for Cortland's multi-tip lines... especially compared with SA and RIO

I have the forcast in one size down. You might want to go a little heavier than the rods weight.. A 9/10 line would probably work for you


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Same rod, same wt line, but in the tri-color floater w/o tips. Seems to be a good match. Also just got a 9/10 Windcutter w/tips and a 8/9 Scandi head set (F, F/S, and S) but have not fished/cast with them yet. This weekend I will take them down to the beach. It's my "river" when the tide is running.

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Any recommendations?
Get that line spooled up and get on with a test drive. You've already got the 9/10 line (which I think is the right size) so you just as well give it a go. I wouldn't worry about how good Cortland's connections are for now. They don't really have anything to do with how your line loads your rod. If you find the connections don't suit you after some testing cut them off and install your own. Give us a report.