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Dry Fly chums is probably the coolest thing that I have seen. Yes, Coho's are cool on top, but you don't get the numbers on the top like your do with chums. I broke the hook of one of my dries and got 7 takes through one drift. I just wanted to see how many were willing to take the fly. If your in the good spot, you can get a take every cast.
Steelhead have to be number one for me. American shad on light tackle are a close second, though, even though they aren't native to the west coast. Some call them the poor man's steelhead, and not just for their shiny appearance.
I love catching all fish. But I really enjoy catching Brookies on the fly. I guess its because they arn't all that common around here and there is a couple places in the Okanogan where they are somewhat plentiful and fun to catch, and I just like the way they look.

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I'd have to say chums as well. Willing to take the fly if fishing the right water, and like Ringlee said they are willing to hit a dry as well. Took one kid off another board fishing for them, and he was in awe when one hit my fly on the surface (it was actually a fly meant to be swung, but barely hit the water and a chum came up and smashed it).


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Searun Cutts in streams in the fall, love the way they smack down a fly! Bass on surface flies in summer. Big nasty skanky moldy dogs late fall. Steelhead in the winter.


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Chums on dries? This I gotta see....and DO!

My faves are bulls, fresh silvers, all cutts and whatever grabs a fly in a warm place, but I'll fish for pretty much anything that swims.

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Hey Mingo, you, me and Bob will need to hit a few coastal rivers for them. I actually caught my first "dryfly" chum by mistake. I was sent some sample Arctic Fox to tie with from a distributor in Finland. I'd never seen, nor fished with it before. So tied up some of my typically marabou winged chum flies with arctic fox hair instead (since it seemed alot more durable). Only problem, come to find out, is I didn't get the wing wet before I fished it. So when it hit the water, it wouldn't sink. The sinktip I was using (which was a very slow type) wasn't pulling it under. Next thing I knew, a bright hen chum came up and slashed the fly on the surface. Caught a couple more that way that day. Doesn't happen alot, but it's sure fun.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oh, I should add (after rereading the original post). I also enjoy fishing for Sturgeon, Steelhead, and other Salmon as well. Really is dictated by mood more then anything. I enjoy most of them, just Chum seems to be my favorite.

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