Winter run Steelhead. Same months, all rivers?

When people mention winter run Steelhead, does that mean ONLY a particular month(s) for a particular river?
IE; Cowlitz River Winter Run Steelhead: Nov. 1 . Is that date just for that river?
Thanks for the help!

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I'm no expert on that, but most stocks of steelhead have their own run timings. WDFW's hatchery program takes only fish from the first that enter the river, and due to inbreeding with the earliest fish, they have pushed their "run timings" to weeks ahead of the native fish.

So while it can be as early as November 1 on the Cowlitz, it can be December 1 or January 1 on another river. Then, is the time listed for wild or hatchery fish?

It seemed last year on the Sky, the fish returned to Reiter Ponds mid-December. I would love to see a list of the run timings for other rivers.

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