My First REAL Steelhead on a Fly!!!


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A couple of very handsome fish!

Is the second one is a half pounder as it is fairly small (by steelhead standards), looks clipped and seems to be in spawning colors?

What types of flys did you take them on and what river (just the name is fine, to protect an obviously great spot)



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Way to go!! kudo's to you! You always post pics with the rod in your mouth. That must be your trademark. a skycries57 thing! fabulous! :THUMBSUP YT
Thanks, you guys are great. The second pic is 1 of the Sea Run Cutthrouts I caught, incredible fighters for their size. I thought it was a baby steelhead til I located the red slash on the neck. Use a #12 beadhead crystal olive woolybugger and same rig/technique below to catch these 12-20" fish all-day-long, No Lie!
Flies I use for Steelies is one I stuck with religously for this time of year: #10 Rubber Legged Black Stonefly Nymph > 3' floro tippet > 5' Max.UGreen tapered leader all attached to a 10' TypeIV DDickson sink tip I purchased day before! Experts tell me to strip the line in fast when the line is parallel to your body after the swing. That didn't work, too many snags on rocks,etc. so I slowly stripped in early around 11-12 O'clock so the S.Tip wouldn't touch bottom...BLAM! 4 hookups adjusting to this technique. I'm sure the Floro helped alot too. Water was low and clear and moderate speed. I've finally realized having multi sinktips are MANDATORY when going for Steelies. Somewhat pricey but worth every penny!
Now I can be part of the "Steelie on a fly been-there-done-that Club" Hehehe Thanks again guys for your support!
PS, name of the river is... The Moooits River. Hummm, what could it be?
PSS, Steelhead are..."The Fish of A Thousand Casts" . For me it was 1200 casts.

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
Matthew 4:19


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Beautiful fish. Extremely jealous. I added another 12 hours to my already hundreds of hours towards these fish over the weekend with no prevail.

I to give all glory to God but I think I made him mad because he will
not give me a steelhead :DUNNO

Congrats bud,


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Nice fish skycries57. Lets see, Moooits wouldn't be Bullits or Cowlips would it? Cowlips sounds good, but to far away for me. Congrats, I'd still be shaking too.



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SWWWEEEEET! That is so cool. I haven't fished for steelies much but I tell ya, when I catch one on a fly I will post a cool pic too. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!!!!


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The give-away that the second picture is a cutthroat is the size of the mouth. See how the maxillary, the upper jaw reaches way behind the eye. The red throat slashes (red dash on dentary, or hyoid marks) are less reliable. In real bright SRC, the red throat slashes will be slight, maybe just a touch of yellow. In dead or preserved fish, the slashes fade. And as noted in this forum, some inland populations of Rainbows show some of the red slash on the throat, resulting in too many being called cutbows (in my opinion).

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