ANOTHER first steelhead on the fly post

Wow, there must be something going on with the moon or ?? I caught my first steelhead ever this afternoon on the NF Stilly. It was a 6-7 lb buck, very dark but quite feisty. Gave me the bulldog treatment for 15-20 minutes after the initial leaping and zipping 100 ft of line off my reel. The setup: 9' 9" 6wt w/ intermediate sink clear lake line (!!) and a DDickson fly left over from a guided trip I took last year. You may guess that I was not targeting steelhead . . .and you would be quite right. Surprised the crap out of me, actually. I guess there is a bit of good 'ol dumb luck involved even with the mighty Steelhead! I'll post a picture when I get it . . .which brings up another point. I wouldn't have been out on the river today if I hadn't met up with another member of the site and made the two car/shuttle arrangement to allow a float trip. He also had a digital camera to get a photo while my camera was 100yds upriver in my raft. THIS SITE CAUGHT ALLOWED ME TO CATCH MY FIRST STEELHEAD!! Yee-hah.
Right On! Congrats! Isn't it WEIRD how the experience of catching adrenalin-pumping-Steelhead mezmorizes you for weeks and months After hooking or landing them!!??
I guess anything that DDickson or JTeeney sells attracts Steelies? I caught multiple baby Steelies with Teeney brown nymphs and just the other day buying DDickson's sink tip on Fri led me to not one, but 4 hookups and 3 landings on Saturday! Weird stuff, but great!

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right on rob. thanks again for floating with me,had a blast next time we need to get at least and i will send you the pics. thanks mike d

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I got my second one ever this morning on the Klickitat, and this one was bigger. 12 lb. hen. This is easier than fishing for carp! I think the picture I got solo will look pretty good, but I didn't fool around posing her. Kept her in the water and snapped several, I think at least one was while she was on her side. I'm shooting on film with a cheap camera and getting the digital version off the web from the developer because of my bad luck lately in dropping electronics in the drink.
RE%3A ANOTHER first steelhead on the fly post

AWESOME DUDE!!! Did you keep it? I always keep my hatcheries, til I hit my limit. Steelhead taste soooo goood! SRC tastes better though.

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
Matthew 4:19

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