Dry Falls hows the fishing and hows the weather

My self and a few good are heading down from Canada for annual fish trip. Would sure appreciate any report on Dry FALL, Lake Lenore or Rocky Ford.



another damn rookie
I went to Lenore and Rocky Ford today. RFC was fishing pretty good. We had alot of luck on midges, scuds, a few drys and a black leech pattern. There was quite a few small dinkers (8-12") in between the big fish. The biggest ones of the day hit the leech. The ticks are out already, so pack some deet or something. Lake Lenore wasn't too good to me. :beathead: The fish seem to be piled up on the far north end of the pond. We had a little luck on a wooley bugger. This was Thursday the 6th. Good luck! :thumb: (might want to bring some sunblock too).
Rocky Ford and Dry Falls both have been fair to good, nice healthy fish. Might as well toss out an 18" piece of 2x4 and play with it, that's about as much action as most of the spawners in Lenore are giving right now, give them a break. Wait till fall when they are in nice shape. Showers predicted for Sat. & Tue. with clear to partly cloudy most days, bring some rain gear and be prepared for a little wind at times. The only reliable weather forecast this time of year is "subject to change". Hope you have a Great Trip!
Dry Falls is hit or miss. Good one day, tough the next. Today was a bit tough.

Agree on Lenore. I watched from the road for a bit today. They are cruising the shallows, ignoring the flies, and the few I did see hooked were snagged or flossed. They weren't taking anything. Time to let them rest for awhile.

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