Seep Lakes this Weekend

I'm going over Friday to try it out now that the water has warmed up a bit. Wondering if anyone has been over and without giving up your favorite lake, how it has been this spring. PM me if you'd rather. I'll be staying at Potholes with a few friends, and will likely try Janet, Katy, Quail or other walk-ins.

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ill be at Quail lake on saturday. Im going to be staying in Pasco friday night. Maybe ill see you there.

If you go friday let me know how you guys did up there.
I posted a thread about the seep lakes and got only one reply, I was wondering if anyone has fished them. I go to potholes annually and this year I am going to fish the hell out of the seep lakes. Please tell me how you do here or with a PM. That would be greatly appreciated. I hope you catch hogs!!!
I was over there for four days this past week. We fished a different lake each day. One day we got sunburned on Dusty. (We also caught some fish) The rest of the time it was windy and rainy. It is also unseasonably cold. It seems like the weather is 2-3 weeks behind this year. Most of the fish we caught were on Chironomids. It will only get better these next few weeks. Good luck.
When I return I'll fill you all in on the outcome of the trip. From the sounds of it, it can be a real crap shoot depending on which lakes you choose. I'll be in the lakes below the reservoir. At least you can hit several in a day if one is not producing.
Aaron, are you staying in the State Park?

Like MrP said, the weather is not being particularly cooperative over here.

I'm not much of a trout fisherman yet and my zero percent catch rate in the seep lakes this spring is perfect evidence of that. The times I've been out on the lakes I've seen some great bug hatches, but not rising fish whatsoever. I don't have a sinking line and I think the fish are still mostly down on the bottom.

I do know that some people are catching fish, though. It's been pretty hit and miss from what I've heard.


Will you be hitting up Hutchinson/Shiner for panfish while you're here? In the last MarDon weekly report some guy caught a 7 pound largemouth out there. Apparently he kept it to have it mounted, though. :beathead:


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Starting Monday morning I'll be there all week hitting all of the usual venues. I have been following the 10 day forecast for quite a while now and it seems like daily temps are running well behind what they are in some years. That means cooler water and tougher fishing at the beginning of the season but it should extend the good fishing later into the year. Last year the water was cold at the same week in April and most everyone was complaining about the slow fishing. We did allright with some monster fish taken but the spiny ray fishing on Shiner was notably slow with little surface action.This year I am prepared to fish a little deeper for the spiny rays, the evening fillet fry should be one of the highlights of the trip. Hopefully.

Dog, a 7# largemouth doesn't seem worthy of becoming a mount, does it? Hell, down south that would be a shaker with trophies starting in the 12-15# range.

I hope you guys do well this weekend although rain is predicted for Sunday. Save a few for us, Ive