Hood Canal Chum Fishing !!!!

Hopofully my HEADLINE has attracted a number of you well informed and experienced salmon fisherman.

I am starting to see and hear reports of CHUM in the Puget Sound area, and am somewhat suprised this early in the season. But then again this long extended dry weather seems to have thrown much of the salmon season out of wack!

I am interested to hear from anyone who has fished the Little Mission Creek or Coulter Creek areas recently. I know the hatchery CHUM came into the Belfair area early last year, and it was such a rush!....I would figure it to be still too early in October except for the fact I have some avid flyfishing friends coming into town this weekend, and will be golfing out at Gold Mountain near Port Orchard on Saturday. I would like to take them fishing in this area (due to time/convenience) and thought about the CHUMS!

Am I dreaming? Is there anywhere near by that is producing any fish?...saltwater or fresh. Maybe some good SRC inlets this time of year?

I was just talking to my dad about the chums last night. From what I understand, the chums will probably be in the first week in Nov. I heard that the silvers are coming into to Purdy and Manchester as I write this.

good luck
There have been chums in the Canal for some time now. I saw a number of protected summer chums in July, but that isn't what you're asking, I know.

Two weeks ago, there were bright chums below the bridge, and I'm sure that there are even more as schools along the middle of Whidbey moved on last weekend.

There may not be tons of fish, but there are some. Move around until you find schools. I'm heading out tomorrow for the northern reaches, so I should have an idea about fish in that area. I don't know if they've started to show up in any strength at Hoodsport yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to find the vanguard around the mouths of all chum creeks in the Canal.
we were catching chums, kings, and silvers in september in the coulter creek estuary an on tuesday we landed 4 chums and 3 silvers. call me crazy but all those chums in september might be summer run but not sure on that but was alot of chums all barred up that time of year. chums should be starting to show in force around johns creek and other smaller places in that general area this time of year. there october runners around there. halloween is usually the start of the chum craze on the canal but there are dogs right now but there mixed in with silvers and not in huge numbers yet. ferguson's green and silver in short rapid jerks is the only fly you need for coulter creek. ther have been schools of chums being lead by trophy hooknose silvers since september around manchester to southworth at migration routes. lots of fish and purse seiners were there on tuesday. its one of there favorite areas to rape due to strong runs of migrating fish that hook around manchester and blake island then head down colvos passage. been catching chums everywhere I go around here since september. its gonna be a good chum run this year watch. Ben
Just got back from that trip to the north Canal. We did not see a chum at any of the five or so places we stopped, including Quilcene Bay, our launch point. Quil isn't open for chums yet, but they do have a good run. There should be some fish in the south end of the canal, but I just don't know.

We ran into some mega-cutts, saw several in the 20+ category and caught some smaller than that. We did run into a school of jumping silvers in one small estuary and caught one before we had to leave.

Is anybody else seeing larger-than-normal cutts this year? Or is it just me? Lately, there isn't a trip that doesn't include at least a sight of an 18-incher. Today we probably saw 20 fish at close range or out-of-the-water jumps that looked to be over 18. We did see a couple of real bruisers, I mean big cutts, feeding out away from the beach a long way from any kind of a creek.
Thanks for the info. I think I'm leaning towards going to Coulter Creek. I have never fished the Coulter Creek area before and have more than one telling me that Purdy may be a good place this weekend below the bridge. Also to check out Minter Beach. Do you know anything about these areas?

I also can't decide whether to focus on the salmon or SRCs. I have a lot of different clouser and epoxy bait fish patterns that I have tied along with Knudsens and eggs....but not familiar with Ferguson's green and silver?

I guess I should be prepared for anything and look for signs of fish. It will be an strong outgoing tide Saturday morning so I'm hoping there will still be some good activity.

I appreciate your input.