Resident coho still feeding on krill

Yesterday I poked around a lot of places looking for resident coho and found two locations(9 miles apart) where there were schools of fish feeding on krill. At the first spot, the resident coho came slashing on the surface after the krill close enough to the boat that I could see the krill come flying out(3 to 4") of the water as they were being chased by the fish. It looked like rain drops hitting the water surface but in reverse. It is pretty amasing to see up close!

The schools of resident coho were on the move(mybe 3 mph) out in deeper water. The schools were easy to see even a ways off when the water surface was flat but impossible to see when the surface was ripply. You could get off 1 or 2 casts at most before they were out of range which made for some exicting/challenging fishing. I kept 1 resident coho for dinner and it's stomach was full of krill. Even though they were feeding on krill, an olive/white clouser minnow or brown shrimp pattern worked well when you could get it in front of them.

The resident coho were in the 15-18" range and hopefully they will be switching to baitfish pretty soon and really putting on some size. Once the resident coho get on baitfish, they will often "lock" into an area for a few weeks or longer. About this time of year the resident coho are usually harder to find and it is a "hunt and seek" game to cover a lot of water to find some fish.



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Roger, thanks for the reports and keeping us up to date on what's going on out there. I just wish I lived a little closer to the salt and could slip out there and fish it more...
Hi Roger,
My records over a couple of decades show that coho begin feeding on baitfish more readily about early to mid-April. By late May they are feeding heavily on baitfish although they never seem to stop eating krill when it is easily available. I've caught big , mature northern coho on Vancouver Island that are jammed full of krill. Bruce Ferguson saw coho and herring, nosing through the surface feeding side by side on euphausiids at Neah Bay last summer.
I Look forward to working with you at Orvis Days. We'll have a great time.
Good Fishing,

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