side-to-side scrolling

OK, I'll be the first to admit that I'm completely retarded when it comes to computers, but I cannot figure out how to make the site fit my screen. I have to scroll side-to-side to see the page. Someone, please help a Neanderthal out. Thanks.



Be the guide...
What resolution is your monitor set at? 1024X768 should be good.

Are you using up side space (like with your 'favorites' or something) or allowing the site to have full access to both sides?

Are you sure your window is fully maximized?

Chris Scoones

Staff member

As Chad mentioned, check your resolution. If you're using XP, right click your general desktop > properties > Setting tab > Screen resolution. If it's set to 800x600, drag the pointer to the right to 1024X768.

Also, if you're displaying an interet explorer bar on the left, for search or favorite links, remove that. Web admins do not design for that, but rather for the entire screen resolution of 800 or 1024.

My monitor is set to 800x600, because everything else fits perfectly with this setting. That is to say, all other websites, my email, my remote link program, they all fit. When I set to 1024x768, this site fits, but nothing else does. I don't have any favorites or menu bars on the sides, and my window is fully maximized. What's frustrating is that I didn't do anything, just one day this site didn't fit anymore. Any other ideas?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I don't know what you are experiencing, but since the ads have popped up I also don't have a full screen. I have to go side to side to see everything. But everything else that I go to fills the screen. I guess that it just the ads that have changed the way this site looks.

But I don't care, it is just one of life's little distractions.