Fishing with Old Man and mtlhead


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Nice fish Matt. Sounds like you boys had fun. Just outta curiousity, how many times did Jim lay down on the bank? I'm guessing 2-4 times! ahahahah! What spot were you guys fishing? thinking about skipping out of work at noon tomorrow and headin to the NF stilly. Anyboby want to check it out with me? YT


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I can't stop laughing. You are killing me. He beached himself. hahaha The "Wrecking Crew" needs to hook up with "Team Rugged" and hit it sometime!


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I could tell you where. But then I'd have to kill you. If your nice I let you know with a private message.

Boy, No matter who I go with I get flack. I must have a sign on me that says pick on Jim. But boy do I love it. For your infomation I only crapped out once on the rocks and that was to tie on something else that wasn't woking. I had a nice long walk thru water and had the company of four deeeer. A buck,doe,two yearlings. The heck with a private message. We were in Oso. Off of the Oso loop rd. After you cross Deer creek hang a right,
cross the river and there is a spur road there. Park there and there is a well defined trail down to the river. You can fish right there or go down stream or you can do what I did. Take the long walk up river to a rock wall and a deep hole with closed mouth fish in it. I could see them and I guess that they could see me. So that made us even,except I got to throw stones at them.



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Nice Fish. I almost forgot what one looks like. It's been at least 2-3 weeks since I've got one. Usually this time of year is the peak of the run, but I have been catching fewer and fewer fish since mid September. Like what you saw, I have seen several larger fish rising that definently are not salmon. I think that by the time they enter the n/fork though they have been fished over so much, that they are shy to take wets/streamers, and revert to insects. Gotten a few to rise, but can't get them to take the traditional spiders and streamers. Mabey I'm just having bad luck too. Now I'm waiting for the silvers and chums to start showing.


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Is this rock wall about 10-15' off the road? I think I know where you are talking about. The riffle directly above the bridge my pops caught a nice little 14" rainbow back in August.

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Not really. If the barriers wern't up the road would be in the river. You put your self into the river at the bridge past the Oso store on the Oso loop rd. You have to walk up stream about 100 miles,no not quite that,but at my age it felt that far. It's up stream out of site from the bridge. If you drive up the road from the stop sign you will see some cement barriers along side the road that is where that hole is. There is a place to park above the barriers but I think it's on private property.



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Yeh the river (at least when I was there) almost comes in at ninety degrees to the road, real shallow riffle which empties into one hell of a pool! We drowned a few flies there, but no luck! Yep its private property alright (that is on the road) ... be aware of the Shitsu from hell...nearly knocked me off my bike when forced to ride with waders on!


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Hey guy's, thought I'd put my two cents in.
If you take the Oso loop road at the store, as soon as you cros the bridge there is a spur road on the right. This road is right next to the horse stables.
You can park on it because it dead-ends. There is a trail that runs under the bridge.
There is a real nice run right there and in fact, if you want to, you can walk & wade up stream to the hole Jim is talking about.
Wish I could get there tomorrow, but hope you all have a great time.

Oh yea, if you suddenly notice Jim, is missing? He's laying down on the bank somewhere! If he don't get up in 15 or 20 minutes better go back and make sure he's still breathin!

HaHa, couldn't resist a little jab at you Old man. Good Luck!

What a bunch of kewl people we have on this site. Met those guys up on the NF of the Stilly. We listen to Jim give us an equipment check and then we took off. He mentioned several times about how crappy his luck was lately and that his waders leaked. He said he had plenty of Aquaseal and wasn't going to buy new ones. I don't think he uses Aquaseal, I think somebody sold him some Rotinone. I was just out there on Tuesday and made a killing, but he got skunked. As long as I was within 250 yards of him, I couldn't get a bite. Finally, after changing flies like a teenage girl changes clothes, I finally brought one to hand. Not spectacular, but there were plenty of other cutthroat rising all around upwards of 18 or 20+. Anyway, it seemed odd that my luck would change so quickly, but I had to leave for work and couldn't investigate. Low and behold, I catch up with the dynamic duo and the old man was completely out of the water. He had beached himself. Without the Rotinone coated waders in the water, that was the only reason I caught my fish.

Just kiddin' Jim, really a great day with the wrecking crew. Sun was shining, fish rising. Can't wait until this Saturday and meet more people at the Nano/Mirco/Mini Spey Clave.


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