A Day of (Unfortunate) Firsts on the Sauk and Skagit

1. Got low-holed by a gear-dude driftboat and actually had it bite me (aka they caught a fish in my hole)
2. Had a fish break me off on the strike
3. had two strikes in one morning and didn't land at least one.

yup...i agree with todd. i would have much rather gotten low-holed than be sitting here reading this on my pooter because i'm bored out of my skull at worrk.
that does suck though.


Degenerate Caster
Two tug's in one day is a great day on the Sauk.
As for getting low-holed by a gear guy,your lucky as lately the fly prick's are the shmuck's on the Sauk.
Actually one take on the Sauk and one on the Skagit on the way home.

I went 0 for forever on the Sauk. I'm moving back to MT on Sunday, so who knows when I'll fish it again.

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
Well, even that day is better than most of my days. I haven't even had a strike in probably the last 20 times I've gone out. I'm a pathetic fly fisherman.

Rob Zelk

I swing, therefore i am.
Longs for Cutts- Montana= Lots of big brown trout, you should be happy! I feel ya though. Dang, you know I had a fish last weekend on the sauk hit my fly and i set the hook, the fly comes flying back. The trailer hook was fouled up around the tippet!!! All the times i've changed my lengths of tippets due to one little tiny nick, all the times when i sharped my hook because of rocks, and on the cast that counts, my hook fouls up around my line! Thats the only fish I've hooked for a good while up there! I change my knots and sharpen hooks in an almost obsessive manner, I swore never again to loose a fish, if i can help it, on a bad knot or dull hook or a poorly set drag. Especially a crappy nailknot. A while back i lost a big steelhead when a nailknot failed. Albright all the way baby. I've never had problems since.

AbsoluteHog- it dosent matter how many times you go out, if there are no fish, or no willing fish. I haven't hooked a fish in a while up there, but most my days up there I've gotten up there mid day, the sun was out in full force as the fishermen were, and the water was low and clear. Now I know i can catch fish if theres a willing fish, because when they're there and willing, hooking multiple fish in the same run is common place. First water, and river conditions really make a difference in my experience, if you're fishing the right water. Sure you can get lucky and catch a moving fish, or one that the gear guys or fly guys just happen to miss, but that is definately not an every day occurance.

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
I'm not complaining about not catching fish, I was stating a fact. Any time I can get out on the water is greatly appreciated, fish or no fish.
Rob Zelk said:
Longs for Cutts- Montana= Lots of big brown trout, you should be happy! .

Check my sig --this will be my sixth year in Gardiner and third as head guide. I know all about the browns :) Seriously, though, I've got the suckers dialed on "River X," having caught fall-run browns as early as late July and numbers as early as late August. The nice brown in my gallery is one a client caught. Every one over 5lbs has come unglued, alas.

I've got an article on this site about flyfishing the northern end of YNP, where I do most of my guiding.
People float at different paces, but you can estimate when drifters will be on certain parts of the river. The bottom part of a float should be empty of boats early in the day and the upper part empty late in the day.
Some people don't cover the water well, or they fish the wrong setup for the water they're on. Watch and figure out who is worth fishing behind and who isn't.