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Salmon Pattern: TechnoWog variant. Silver-killer.

Trout Pattern (Char, actually): The NAMBLA smolt.

6 of 'em, comin yer way soon.


Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
Lets see if anyone minds having another Tyer. I have only finished one of the patterns. I dont think anyone has mailed there flies yet.

Any One Object to A 7th Tyer?
i will drop out of this one if the other guy wants to jump in!!! i have jus had some news that i have to go away for the week and im in a few other swaps

anyone mind??

cheers gitto :thumb:


Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
No problem. If you need to drop out it is ok. Stuff happens. It is still early in the swap and Mike can take your spot.
I am sure my flies will not be as pretty as Gitto's, but I am in. I now need to find some pink elk hair for some wogs. Sorry guys, I call them POS wogs for a reason. They work great though. I will probably throw in a fry pattern for the trout portion of the swap.


Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
I have a question for everyone.
DriftboatDan who lives in Alaska and is Slaying huge rainbows up there right now asked about the swap. Does anyone object to one more?