Big Brownies

The leaves are startin to turn and the big browns are starting to spawn. This means its time to dredge out the big streamers and get yourself into a big hookjawed brown that has tons of incredibly sharp,large, and pointy teeth which will turn your fingers bloody if you make one wrong move. Ah, tis the season when the weather turns crisp, the leaves gather on the the water, idiots gather in the closed streams and try to snag browns spawning. Brings tears to my eyes when I think of hurling large flies coming within inches of snagging various parts of my body(namely my head and ears), out to the rare and wily big brown. The days are growing shorter, the trees bare, the big brownie awaits a large fly which you have tied and mocks you while he snubs cast after cast. Tis' the season.



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Holy Shizzlnit. That thing is amazing. Great picture. My hat is off! Beautiful beautiful.

Holy Moley! A brown Steelhead! Just kidding. Awesome fish dude!
I can tell you right now, I see a river and a big brown trout. River and big-browns don't correspond here in Wa State, only in Montana,etc. Right?

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I am interested in knowing if any of the pics were from WA state. Mine is from the Provo River Ut.



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Come on now Mr. Xstream, we just have to have a state. I say that fish is from WA, but anyone who has put in 200+ fishing trips this year has been to many places. If we were all as fortunate to log those miles.

Maybe I just want it to be WA. Am I correct?


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Hey Mark,where have you been hiding at. I haven't seen any of your post lately. I've been on the N/fork alot lately but as you have been reading these last few posts you can see that I haven't been doing a lot of catching. I would like to hook up with you and do some casting and do you still have mornings off. I would call it fishing but with my luck it is just called casting.


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I need some help on the colorations of these fish. Many moons ago I was fishing Boardman creek,and me and my Bro-in-law hiked up the creek for about three hours and then fished our way back. Well to put an end to this story I caught a brown fish with spots on it's back. It didn't look like any of these fish on this thread It had teeth on it's lower jaw and some on the upper. I think that I caught it on a salmon egg. Like I said many moons ago. I think what my question is do they always look like the fish on this thread or do they come in different colors. I know/thought it was in the trout family,but not to sure what it was. But it tasted good.