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Ive, his friend Ken, and I fished a lot of lakes last week in the Seeps. The water is still around 50 to 55 degrees so the spiny rays are still asleep. We didn't pick up a single one. Now trout on the other hand were a bit more agreeable. Each of us got into some healthy, bigass, line ripping trout. Can't say which lake was the hot ticket or Ive will rip out my gizzard...:eek:

Ken found a honey hole and worked some 20 plus inch trout on chironomids while Ive and I threw half backs in 20 feet of H2O. All in all we hiked our asses off and kicked until the cows came home. Once I got the skunk off I didn't care if I caught more because it was a line ripper. Quite a few of the fish were getting fat on the rich food in the lakes and were getting kinda huch backed because of their fast growth rate. One that Ken measured was 9 inches tall (belly to back).

If the Seeps gets a week of good hot temps they should pick up significantly.
Great Scott. That is fantastic. Well since you weren't specific I am just going to have to fish as many of them as I can. Did you fish the resevoir at all?? Not that you needed to. Jeez. Any pictures????!!!


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Well, at least one astute member PM'd me to pick my brain...

BTW, I also spotted a golden ghost cruising the shallows of one of the lakes. No mistaking that diamond plate siding...:clown:


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Some truly bigass fish were caught by all. On Monday evening I hooked five monsters in a little lake and one was the second largest trout I have ever caught. It was in the 25'' neighborhood but more remarkably it was at least 10'' deep! I know it was at least 7# but it could have been significantly more as it was so broad across the back that I couldn't get my hand around it. Several others were in the 5# range and were very hot fish.

We did a lot of walking as Roper said and found a couple of lakes that have real potential on the next trip. The final day my friend Ken walked into a lake that was difficult to reach. In the process he got a little lost on the way out but managed to land a gorgeous 16'' fish while there and is encouraged about returning on a day when the wind isn't blowing like stink. Research pays off, sometimes in the following year. We visited a rather remote lake that was prettier than most and had 10'' football shaped fish in it. Next year those fish that survive will be pushing 20'' and will make a 45 minute walk well worth while.

Many of the lakes had off-color water and some were very full. Insect hatches didn't appear to be in full swing yet as there was little activity even on warm calm days. Lakes that are easily reached and heavily fished produced little and as usual the more you walk the better the fishing. The smallest fish I caught was about 15'' so it appears the cormorants are getting just about everything smaller than that.

One recommendation I can make for those adventerous enough to hike to the remote lakes is carry a depth finder. It is a pain to lug around-particularly at my age-but it is a real benefit in determining which water will hold fish. On one lake I determined that fish were feeding in 19-23' of water. No action in shallower water and not a single bump in deeper water. Even though I was using an intermediate line and only fishing a few feet down they would only take in water at that depth.

Good times. Good friends. Big fish. Ya gotta love it! Ive

Now that you've pounded the beautiful lower O'Sullivan region how about a Okanogan opener preview :ray1:

I'm actually setting up the homestead this weekend, how about you, are you gonna be on the hill Sat - Mon.????

C'mon, a little pink powerbait scare you :eek: You, me and 2,000 of our closest friends outta be able to catch a fish or 2........

Is there a OHF '06 schedule out yet :thumb:

See you soon,


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