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I just wanted to apolgize for any off color comments I made in "soviets raping lenore" I was trying to be funny, And I don't think it came off well. Xtream angler said he's leaving the forum, and I think that it is a shame for anybody to feel they can't be here. I wasn't the only one, but it still pains me to think that Somebody got so pissed off they left the forum. That thread got way out of hand, and I was trying to match wits with a couple of my fishing buddies. It turns out, we have no wits. I am truly sorry, and wish I didn't make the comment I made. totally my fault. If anybody else out there feels angry about the whole episode, please forgive me. YT


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Join the crowd Whitey, I already made my apologies in the thread, I swear, I am not going to swallow that bait again! If it ain't 'bout fishin' and nice, I ain't gettin' in the water no more!

Nobody on here cares about my political ideas or beliefs and that's the way it should be. I don't want to know about anyone else's either! Think I'll just stick to the old "don't ask-don't tell" policy.



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Hi Whitey,

I had to go and read the thread you are referencing here when I read your apology. It was definitely an interesting read. I had read the first couple of posts on that thread and missed what you are talking about until now.

I too hope XStream sticks around or comes back soon. I have had some experience living and working around groups of Russian folks in Homer and Bristol Bay over the years. They really tend to stick together and support one another. Both financially as well as spiritually.

That being said it would make most any one on this forum upset with seeing a group of people pillaging a river or lake and it is not always easy to confront a group on the spot when one is by himself. In fact it is a good way to get in trouble.

I totally agree with others on that thread, pack a cell phone, call the poaching hotline but please be discreet about doing so as I am sure your wife and kids would like to make sure you make it home.



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Nice gesture YT. Thanks for callin it out in a new thread. I'm guessing we all agree on the sentiment-- poaching is lame. As far as lumping races/ethnicity together, I really had to bite my tongue with the obvious (please take with a grain of salt, eh):

What the hell are so many WHITE TRASH INBRED WASHINGTON LOCALS doing snagging the hell out of the fish in the Skagit, Sky, Stilly, etc etc...? Seriously. I've never lived anywhere with so much blatant disregard for the value of fish or wilderness (or with so many trashed cars in the front "yard"). Personally, I've seen only a few places that rank near the western Washington rural GHETTO. It rivals the often ridiculed deep south. So when will you good ol boys learn to take care of your rivers and fish, and maybe have some pride in your communities? Why is there so much TRASH in WA? Obviously, we would be much better off without the WHITE TRASH INBRED WASHINGTON LOCALS fu*king everything up.

So. How does that feel, WA natives? Generalizations suck, eh?

No harm intended. Just trying to make a point.



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I have lived here all my life and can't figure it out. There are some really ignornant people in this state and I don't get why people snag fish, poach etc but I have a theory.

20, 30, 50, 75 and 100 years ago there were so many fish in the rivers that people kept 40 inch wild steelhead and could gut a king just for the eggs. With all those fish in the river who thought there would ever be a time when the resource was gone. So what was the big deal in snagging a few fish, using bait on a no bait river etc.

To illustrate my theory I have invented the Smith family. So lets say the year is 1950. As his dad and grandpa did, Grandpa Joe Smith takes Son Joe jr and Grandson Joey out for a day of fishing to fill the freezer and smoker with some fish for the winter. They catch lots of fish, some are snagged some are caught fair. They limit out by days end (maybee they even keep a few extra). This goes on for 10 years but now it's Grandpa Joe jr, Son Joey and Garndson Joeseph who go out for a day on the river. They catch a lot of fish (Grandpa Joe Smith taught his son well). 10 years later and another generation hits the river. This pattern continues to present though as the runs have diminished so have the family's who fish, but some like the Smith's still are at it. Some years the runs are good and some years the runs are bad but the pattern is always the same; generations of the Smith family are out on the river bonking everything that swims.

People learn from the generation before them and this state has produced a hundred years worth of people who passsed their fishing ethic (if you can call it that) onto their kids. That's why recently I've seen 10 year old kids snagging Pinks and Chums at Wallace flats on the Sky. Why you see foam bait containers on the Yak. And why people still want to bonk wild steelhead on rivers that can barely support a hatchery run, let alone a wild one.

I am encourage by the shift I see in the fishing community. The Smiths are a dying breed and hopefully the lessons being passed onto the new generation of fisherman are comming from the people on this board and the other conservation oriented anglers out there.

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