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Went out yesterday to a local lake and caught my first ever crappie on the fly! Another gentleman nearby was throwing jigs with no luck came over to inspect my catch and apparently it was the biggest crappie he'd ever seen from that lake. In my excitement to get a pic of the fish I dropped my camera in the drink, thank goodness it was a disposable but it had a number of photos of recent trips on it. By the end of the day the guy was amazed that a flyrod was outfishing his jigs but when he realized that I'm one of 2 people that fish w/ a flyrod on this lake and the fish almost never see a fly he said he was going right out to buy a new fly fishing rig. another convert. Anyway, ended the day w/ several nice crappie, tons of bluegill/sunfish, and a very nice lg. mouth in the shallows. all in all a great day. I'm starting to like this warmwater gig. Damian


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Catching crappie on the fly is a blast. I bought a 3wt just for that reason. that way a 14" crappie feels like even more of a monster. once you find the fish stay in the same area and generally you will keep catching the big ones. congrats on the convert, btw. fish on! roadhog :thumb:


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Congrats! I have never lost a camera to the water. A lot of other things (pliers, glasses, reel, fly boxes). If you could reach it, it may have still developed some of the pics ok.


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The crazy thing is... I was using a sz. 4 3xl WB when I got the Crappie. I was using a 5wt which was overkill I know but there are some monster bass and pike in that lake and I did not want to snap ANOTHER rod on a big pike!
MNFLY said:
Went out yesterday to a local lake and caught my first ever crappie on the fly!

Hey Damian,

What lake were you hitting up? I was just in the Twin Cities and was drooling as we go by every lake with some good looking water. My wife and I are thinking of maybe moving back to the area and it would make it MUCH easier to consider if I knew I was moving to some decent fly water, albeit warm water.

- Brian

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