Three of the Seven Lakes area report


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Started at Martha lake, some of the small stocked trout were rising around the lake but couldn't get any to take anything I threw at them. I tried at first small black leeches, swithched to emergers, switched to chronies twitched on the surface even tried the never fail zug bug, but no interest from the fish. Looked like they were just cruising and picking off the occasional adult chronie that were skittering on the surface.
Left the lake about 9:30 went over to Howard lake, been years since I've been there and took me a couple of turns to find the way to the launch. Started out there with a small size 12 olive and peacock wooley bugger cast and stripped it back to the tube and caught a rainbow plant around a foot or so pretty fat little fish though. Watched a eagle grab a trout and take it up into a cedar tree and eat it. Didn't have any other takes in about an hour so headed back to the launch. Two other fly guys were just getting out of there toons and they each had a nice holdover cutt. And these were nice fish too, they were both pushing 19 inches!
Tried Shoecraft next, at the launch some folks were eating lunch and one of them had caught two nice hold over bow's about 16-17 inches, caught trolling hardware. They said they were there most of the morning and said it was pretty slow. I tried anyway, started out with large wooley buggers on my other fenwick with a sink tip, switched to a damsel fly, switched to some other flys, finally put on a yellow reverse spider and got one take from that.
Wanted to hit Loma and Crabapple too, but was pressed for time, insurance to check out, bills to pay other non-slack stuff to do. But I did save over 30% on a new insurance policy though.