TU Colorado Pontoon Boat?

Anyone one here on the board familiar with the TU Colorado Pontoon boat?

I am thinking it may my needs. I like the length and weight capacity.

Other boats to concider instead of the TU boats?

Any thoughts?


Charles Sullivan

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I have one. It has worked well for me. They are cheap. i am sure that the more expensive toons are better built. I've used mine on rivers and to go crabbing.
3-1 sox,
They're a decent, inexpensive boat. The oars suck, though. I used them HEAVILY to conduct steelhead spawning ground surveys a few springs ago...they were pretty much toast after one season but that was use that 90-95% of fisherman wouldn't be able to put gear through in a lifetime...unless you were a busy guide. There's the whole spectrum. The TU's cost $500. After we retired to TU's, we got Skookums for $1700. That's roughly 3x more, yet they've lasted 3x as long with similar use, and they're still going strong. Just ask yourself if you want the best and you want it to last or is your budget the determining factor? I'm not saying you should spend $1700 on a Skookum (unless you don't mind spending the money) but, if it were me and I was buying a personal raft, I'd probably find some middle ground.
From what has been said on this site the oars and the nylon pontoon covers are the drawbacks of this boat.

For $500 you can get a boat that solves both of those issues.

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I had one and tossed it after I got multiple puctures in one of the pontoons that I could not patch properly.
The price is actractive but I would spend a couple hundred $ more and get a decent boat instead if I had to do it again. I probably won't since I now own a Fat Cat.
The oars really suck. It is a pain to put together. I nerver liked the stripping apron.
Overall thumb down.