Bali Flyfishing?

Wondering if anyone had info on flyfishing in Bali. I'm going there in August for two weeks. Any advice on the species of fish, flies I should tie, and rods to bring would be appreciated.


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I don't know about Bali specifically, but the coral reefs throughout Indonesia are in really rough shape because of illegal cyanide fishing. Cyanide has the added benefit of killing the coral after the fish are collected, basically leaving a dead zone. Bali might be a little better than other areas because of the tourism influence though.
I live in Jakarta and have been to Bali once and scoped some areas but didn't fish at all as it was mainly a wife deal. The nature of the geology of the island does not lend itself to large expansive flats. I did not explore the whole island but the areas I checked out were void of flats.....not a do-it-yourself place really....need to charter a boat and there are several companies I saw advertised. The charter services target Mahi, Wahoo (tenggiri local name), some tuna depeding on the seashon and the ocassional marlin/sailfish. I know people who have gone out with some with mixed success but not fly-fishing. There also should be some trevally around but probably not in a flats setting like Xmas.
Your best bet if you want to do the bluewater thing would be to bring your own gear and hope for a crew that speaks decent english. I have had some luck around W. Java targeting Mahi and Wahoo on fly...but it took several trips and me getting fairly good at the language to explain exactly what I wanted to do before I got any decent shots at fish.
Another thing to do would be find some local long boats and have them take you out....they mainly net. Living here full time I have been disappointed in the fishing.....need to get away from the population centers which is hard to do. As alpine trout said historically there has been cyanide and dynamite fishing, but what I have mainly observed around Java is gill netting with a fine mesh....

Hope that helps a bit....but not sure if it will.

Let us know how it goes.


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