Outcast, Buck's Bags or Skookum pontoons

Hello, I am trying to make a decision on a good quality US made 10-11' pontoon boat. Looking for pro's con's/comparison comments from experienced individuals regarding Outcast 1100 HD; Buck's Bags Bronco Exptreme 11' and new Henry's Fork 10'; as well as Skookum's Guide 10'. I am about 230lb and would like to have a pontoon boat that I can stand up in and cast. Although, I am not sure if this stand-up feature in the 10' pontoons is all it is cranked up to be, safety wize. So comments on that are welcome as well.


The Skookum 10' guide model is the BEST pontoon boat in the world. This is a "money is no object" pontoon.
Next is the Outcast Pac 1100 HD.

Good luck!


If they use Maxxon tubes, then I wouldn't say they are the best you can get. I'm sure Skookum Frames are good, but from the shows, and side by side comparison Bad Cat river boat frames are just awesome.

Again, If Skookum uses Maxxon tubes like many others do, then really all your comparing them to.... Are the frames.

I had someone weld one together for me. It is one of the Beefiest things I've seen. Pics attached. I'm wanting to sell it to get a Bad Cat frame.

Just my 2 cents.


Richard E

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If you plan to use it in the salt at all, you have to like the stainless frames of the Bucks Bags. With that said, however, a buddy of mine uses his Outcast PAC800 occasionally in the salt, and has no problems with rust on the frames, and he doesn't take very good care of his equipment. The D-rings rust, though, as they would also in the Bucks boats.

I prefer the Outcast over the Bucks, but that Southfork is a deal . . .

The Skookum is, well, skookum, but I prefer the lighter, more versatile craft offered by Outcast or Bucks.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yup, I've seen those boats Shawn. I agree, Sotar is the best out there (and have said that about whitewater boats). Before my divorce, i was in the process of buying a few sets of their tubes to make my whitewater boats from (I always had custom frames welded that I designed). I've rowed quite a few, and have seen some of the stuff Sotars can take (including seeing one dragged down Hwy 12 at 60mph with very minimal scuffing).

Still love the Skookums. The ones I had were built by Bill at his shop up north. I actually picked the boat up at the place where the guys were building them. Frames were built by a guy up in Northbend at the time. I know he's down in Oregon now. I actually love those frames, only problem I ever had was the width. Would've liked Bill's frame to be a bit wider. But compared to any of the boats out there at the time, his were top notch, and still are (and he's pretty much lead the way for most of the other makers out there). Wish I still had my old boat though, she took alot of big water, and did everything I asked her to do. Including whitewatering some pretty heavy waters.

I'm hoping for a decent income tax check next year. I hear the Sotars calling me. ;)
Thank you all who responded. I am leaning towards Sotar at this point. Jerry, if you have some pointers on who to ping about the custom frame for those, I would appreciate it.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I wouldn't worry about the custom frame. The ones they sell at Sotar are pretty damned nice. If you still are looking for a custom builder, I can see if I can find my whitewater source guys, or you could email GWH, he makes a nice frame. Depends on what you want out of the boat. But the Sotar Coho is an excellent boat just as it sits.
Is that the Kenai behind you in picture? Unless you are talking serious whitewater imo you are talking overkill, but that's entirely up to you. As far as the standing platforms, I'm about your size and i have found it much more comfortable to put a counter weight in the back. It's not that I fear tipping over, it's just that you can't really lean on the lean bar without feeling off kilter so you compensate with muscles not usually in play and get tired after a while. With a full cooler or deep cell in the cargo area it feels just right. I don't know if their ratings are reliable and I've never used one, but on paper the Dave Scaddens are worth a look. Don't know where they are made either. With 4 toons in the garage I'm not even allowed to think about any new ones much any more. Sure would like one I can put on a jet though.....
Flyfishsteel said:
The Skookum 10' guide model is the BEST pontoon boat in the world. This is a "money is no object" pontoon.
Next is the Outcast Pac 1100 HD.

Good luck!

I second the motion for the guide model! :thumb:

ps. Don't mind the gear rods :cool:
Tony, yes, it is the Upper Kenai. The color of the water and that mountain in the back is giving it up. What a river.. 50+ fish days! That was a trip I took in September, with my newly built 7 weight. First cast with the new rod - fish on. Cannot bit that.

Thought so. Guess I must have viewed that scene a million times. I think it was the mountain that triggered the memory more than the water. What a place and they are really taking care of the upper kenai. the fishing gets better as time goes on. I can remember the 80's when there were many jet boats and lots of fish retained. all different now, for sure. I'll be back up this summer I think.:)

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