Pass Lake 5/19

Short story: Got out on Pass this morning from 8-11. Landed one nice rainbow around 19" on a blood worm pattern.

Full story: Hit the lake in heavy overcast and swirling fog. Not too cold, air temps in the low 50's. Two other guys in pontoons were setting up when I arrived and asked what's been working. It was my first trip to Pass this year so I suggested chironies and streamers since that's what I wanted to try. Started with a black bugger on a full sink, trolled up the side of the lake opposite Hwy 20. After 20 minutes without a tug I noticed a vast amount of tiny midges popping everytime the breeze died. Switched over to a chironie rig and had 6 takes in the first 30 minutes . . .missed 'em all:beathead: . At 9 the action slowed and I managed to miss another 8 take downs in the next two hoursbawling: . 11am was my cerfew so I started to wind drift back towards the launch in light rain . . .and finally hooked my one fish of the day:beer2: . It was a great morning to be out and I could have caught a lot of fish. The two other gents on the lake were skunked for the morning.

Simple as you can get . . .tungsten head black chirony for weight and a blood worm trailer. Hang the entire setup under an indicator set 18" off the bottom. . .wait for a bite.