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There is quite a bit of different things here so I'm going to keep my descriptions short. You can email me for more info or pics at [email protected]. I hope my prices all seem reasonable enough. Thanks for looking. Bruce
(1) Thomas & Thomas 9ft. 2pc. 5/6wt. This is a custom rod from the Donegal fly shop from Roscoe, NY. Super casting rod and slightly fished. $200 + shipping. Great price for a T&T.
(2) Pflueger Trion 9ft 2c. 8wt.This a fantastic rod for the money. $60 + ship.
(3)Custom 7ft 5wt bamboo. This was built on a Phillipson impregnated blank (same as a Peerless) and includes three tip sections. The original wrapped one was broken about 3" down and the other two are absolute new unwrapped. $325 + ship. This rod is a steal at this price.
(4) George W. Harvey fully framed fly display. Custom framed in a handcrafted mahogany display. George is now 94 yrs. old and this is probably one of the last displays of his that I will offer. $150 + ship. This is an excellent collectible.
(5) Fly "diorama" display. Dimensions are 4x4x8". I built the base from black walnut and used coastal oregon driftwood. You can use your imagination to creat your own unique display. I typically glue my flies to acrylic pegs and use a 1/16" drill bit to set the pegs into the driftwood. I'll include the pegs. $40 shipped.
(6) Same as above just a little different. $40 shipped.
(7)H&I Venley fly reel. This is the Trout model. Good condition and super-light. Perfect for that small classic rod. Strong clicker that turns off as well. This is left hand wind or otherwise I'd keep it. $22 shipped.
(8)Cabelas proto-type large arbor reel. I have no idea who made this but it is a really nice super smooth reel. I have a nearly new SA Trout taper WF5F line on it but kept the line on for the pic in case it didn't sell so the line is not included in the price. $40 shipped.
(9) Orvis Wonderline WF3F. Fished about 3 times and has a factory braided loop on the end. $22 shipped.
(10) Cortland WF6S, full sinking line. New in box. $12 shipped.
(11) Royce Dam fully framed fly display. Includes March Brown dry and corresponding nymph along with signature card. Framed in handcrafted cherry display. $60 + ship. This is a steal at this price.
(12) Box of size 14 hackle. I sure wasn't going to count them all but I'm sure there's several hundred. $12 shipped.
(13) Large handcrafted Mahogany fly display. Overall size is 14" x 18" x 2" depth and accomodates 12x16" glass. Has front cutout border and rear matting. I'd prefer to ship this without glass but can work that out if necessary. I'll include acrylic pegs to mount your flies along with some other things you'll need to finish it. $35 + shipping.
(14) Handcrafted red oak fly display. Overall size is approx. 12-1/2 x 15-1/2" x 1-1/2" for an 11" x 14" glass. Everything else, same as display described above. $35 + shipping.
(15)Beautiful Brown trout print. This is archieval quality, printed by the Fly Fishermans gallery from Montana in 1991. Image size is 8" x 12". $20 shipped.
(16) Rainbow trout print also from the Fly Fishermans gallery and printed in 1992. Great looking print also with an image size of 8" x 12". $20 shipped.

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