Have not spoken in some time, and I am sure all can see our rivers boiling with doubt, but what a kick on a fly rod. My wife and I have fished a few times since the opener on the 1st and have gotten our limits. Word from the bay is..."it ain't over yet!", with gobbs more out in the sound. I got a huge hen yesterday, with my wife and her friend, that took me into my backing and she was shifting gears doing it, some steelhead don't do that, she was chrome bright. Great test for my Redington AL 7/8. My report is it is a superb smooth reel.
We have been fishing the Snohomish and Stillagaumish with 6 and 7 wts. WF/Floating w/sink tips, and leave the weak "x" at home...stout 8-10lb. tippet is fine. Well, took the day off to smoke fish, so good luck to all, and Chris, hope wife is doing fine...Close? Best wishes, G.J.Bartolotti

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