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A recent thread got me thinking about what type of fly fishing I enjoy most and, more importantly, whether it had more to do with the fish or the environment they're found in. Do I like fishing for trout in streams because I like those trout the best or because I like streams the best? Do I like the salt because I like catching big salmon, or maybe I just like being in the salty sea air? So my question is, if you had to choose a place to go fishing and get SKUNKED, where would be your favorite place to have a fishless day?

A. Wading in my favorite mountain stream.
B. Floating down my favorite river (big water).
C. In a float tube on my favorite lake.
D. Working the beaches of Puget Sound.
E. Casting from my boat in the deep salt.
F. Some other place.

Remember, you will not catch a single fish on this fishless day. And if you'd rather play golf or stay home and read a book than have a fishless day, go ahead and say so. There's nothing wrong with that, and I'd love to know how many are in that boat.


"If I don't catch them today, I'll catch them another day." Art Flick


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I would pick A. Wading in my favorite mountain stream. not sure if the Elwha is considered a mountain stream but I was up there this last weekend for two days.....the upper and lower part and fished the lake at the lower end and did not even get a bite......wonder if I have forgotten how to

but def love the streams, rivers to fish.....

F - How about anyplace BOBLAWLESS happens to be fishing. That way I'd be entertained no matter what happened! (I.e., The nude on the Yakima wouldn't be a bad place to be on a fishless day!!)

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I have to pick them all.As for being skunked I have the record for it. The fish less wonder. I wonder when I'm going to catch my next one.

I guess that I would have to go with "A" as I don't fish any other way.



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If I ever got skunked on any of my favorite trout streams I would probably become rather concerned as to where the fish were since this has never happend and I generally plan my trips to my favorite spots when I know they will be producing.

Now if I'm exploring a new area, or fishing for salmon or steelhead, that's another story...

Also, when you say fishless, are you meaning no bites or just no fish landed?

If I were to fish all day and not even get a bite, I guess I'd like to be exploring a big lake or the Sound in a comfortable boat with friends, sun, and food and drink :) Better yet a pontoon boat float trip down an salmon\steelhead river is about as good as it gets for me...

But like a lot of you, I can't really have a bad day fishing (less broken\lost gear, injury, near death, etc...) unless I've brought along a friend and really wanted them to get into fish. For me, I get enough over time that I don't need to get them every trip.
What a fun question...

However, the question is somewhat confusing because, IMO, the answer depends on what is meant by 'fishing'. If fishing means "attempting to catch fish", then, by construction, no one (?) would choose to go fishing where s/he knew s/he would get skunked. :HMMM

In other words, by this definition, casting one's fly into an empty milk pail could be called 'fishing'. Thus, my answer would be "F" because I really would prefer take my pail and rod to next year's Braves-Mariner's game and "fish" between innings. :BIGSMILE

To me, however, fishing means attempting to catch fish which, by construction, means that I "believe" that where ever I happen to be fishing, fish are there to be caught. Thus, I'm perfectly willing to fish for steelhead on a dry fly and get skunked 99% of the time because:

(1) Catching Steelhead on a dry fly requires knowledge and no little skill.

(2) Steelhead inhabit some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring country in the world.

(3) Catching a steelhead on a dry fly has the highest of all gloat quotients - It well and truly gets the babes!!!!

If this is the definition of fishing, then my answer is "A" or "B".


How about G - all of the above. I don't like being skunked at any thing. But in the Pacific NW, the scenery and feel of all the environments listed make any trip worthwhile. Fishing with enjoyable companions or alone is worth the trip. A fish to hand is a bonus.

All this zen stuff aside, I'll vote for F. The Salt Side Tavern just out of Seiku.


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Fishless is fishless, I know what a strike is like but I don't even get that any more. If you were to steer a fish to my fly he still wouldn't hit it. I've caught Sea runs before but this year it's just too weird. I try but I get no results. Maybe if I didn't talk about it so much I might get some. Huh. I think I will shut up about no catchems.


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