Have Pontoon with no Shuttle...anyone in the same boat??

Until I find the river that loops in a circle, is there anyone out there that is in the same boat? Pontoon boat and no one to shuttle with?

I'm lookin for some fishin buddies that are set up with gear and serious about fishin...ready to go.

My fishin style: I like to hit the water while my eyes are bloodshot from staying up too late the night before tying...I travel cheap usually, love to camp out or sleep in the car seat. I can go fishin often on little notice (as long as mamma gives me the go-ahead). I'm 32 and like all sorts of fishin. I flyfish 99% of the time for trout and mix it up for Steelhead/Salmon and do mostly C&R but do like a salmon here and there.
And nuthin wrong with older guys but someone my age give or take would be cool.

Well? :DUNNO

I like to fish the rivers, lakes (especially east side lakes) and Montana.
Ive got a couple of Pontoon Boats and might be up to a trip here soon. I'm 34, maried with 2 kids, and spend my free time on the rivers(when I can get clearance from the wife)around Snohomish County. No straying too far from home for me though, I've got a boy thats 1 1/2 yrs old and he's quite a handfull. Would'nt mind doing a local drift, There are a few of us around that float/ would like to float. Let's see who else steps up to the plate on this one... :THUMBSUP
I too have yet to find that elusive loop-back river. I am 43 with a 16 y.o. and we both have pontoons. I like to get out as much as possible but the wifey-pooh needs some attention too. I like low budget...camping, whatever.

I have a "kitchen pass" this Saturday and was thinkin' about heading to the Yak but would be interested in joining any one on some new water.


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I'd be interested if you didn't live so far from where I'm coming from. Marysville. My age fits my handle old man. I too have a pontoon and if there was a lazy river around I'd give it a chance. My pontoon boat only has 7' long pontoons. Too short for rapids. But I'm in the same boat as the rest of you, I need clearence before I can go.

local drift sounds good to me. sky,stilly whatup,im 30 no kids just a very understanding girlfriend sundays,mondays.jbrodie jive me a call thanks mike d :THUMBSUP
You can list me as being in the same boat, but I ended up building a bracketmount for my Honda 90 on the front of my Toyota. It's still not that convenient and I'd prefer a fishing partner or two, but it certainly gives me the option of fishing alone (better than sitting at home). I'm more familiar with the North End rivers (The Stilly, Sky, and Skagit), but have been to the Yakima a few times this summer.

It sounds like I'm the only single guy that doesn't have to get permission to go fishing, so keep me in mind. I've jotted down a couple of email addresses listed in this string, so don't be suprised if you hear from me. By the way, my email is Coachdean@Yahoo.com


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Fell out of your guy's boats years ago.

I at one time had same problem. But cured that (even when I was running my small cataraft). I bought a small scooter (Yamaha Razz) to chain up while I floated. Then, I would only pack enough that I could strap to my back while I ran to pickup my Blazer. I would chain my cat up with same chain while I was gone. Never had a problem with it.

But I'd be game once my shoulder is healed. I'm out of the rowing game until I'm fixed. Been only able to run sled, so having some serious withdrawals. I'm 32, live in Tacoma, and am set for about any type of fishing there is.
I posted a note like this when I first joined the forum (as mtp1032) and the guys were very helpful. Since then we've floated the Stilly, the Skagit, and the Sky.

So, I'm game. I'm retired and am available 7 days a week. I like to fish for steelhead in the big rivers, and steelhead-wannabes in the Yak, the Snoqualmie forks, and the east- and west-side lakes.

I live up on the Sammamish Plateau and, in the winter, have access to my folk's cabin on Sammish Island - Great for a 2 or 3 day fishing trip on the Skagit/Sauk.

Drop me a line whenever you want to shuttle-up. If I'm available (i.e., not already fishing) I'll be there.


When did this forum become a dating service for middle-age married guys...

Hi, I'm 32, I like fishing, long walks by the stream or just floating down a lazy river. My turn-ons are hatches, fall runs, tight lines and screaming reels. My turn-offs are bait chuckers, fish killers and those damn russians up north. (read previous posts) Anyone want to share a days with me?

Jeez- I've read better stuff in the back of the Seattle Weekly... :TONGUE

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Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

Maybe what we need to have is a pontoon clave. A floatilla of pontoons going down the river. I wonder how many of you would show up.



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Yeah Jim, good idea. Perhaps you could con one of these gents into letting you tie your boats up together. Close enough that you can rig a bed up between them. Then you can take your regular rests without pullin over.

The big leak!
I would be happy to provide one of your missing links.
I can drive to put-in & take-out both, or row (big cats too), cook, serve food and beverages, tail, or net.
I can pay for gas too.
But you will have to pick my leaky butt up at seatac (baggage claim) first.
I saw your post and thought I'd respond to you directly.

I bought an 8' Outcast earlier this year, and I have exactly the same problem. So far I've fished the Yakima, where you can pay for a shuttle, the lower Stilly, where I used the incoming and outgoing tide, and lakes.

I do a lot of fishing (and hiking) on the Stilly, and I'd love to have someone to shuttle with there.

I fish mostly weekends, I don't mind driving a long way (I just got back from the Grande Ronde). I drive a Chevy Astro van. I can fit by boat inside the van, and I have a Yakima roof rack that a boat could be tied to.

I've been fishing mostly for searun cutts (Stilly), rainbows (Yakima and East-side lakes) and steelhead (occasionally). I like to make a full day of it, starting at or before dawn.

I'm 52 and live in Seattle.

I still haven't worked out how 2 guys with 2 vehicles do the shuttle, unless both vehicles can hold both boats.

It seems simpler to use 1 vehicle that holds both boats. At the end of the float, one guy guards the boats, and the other hitch-hikes back up river for the vehicle. I do this all the time when I'm hiking down the Stilly, and I usually get a ride within 5 minutes.

Email me at Joseph_P_Brown@msn.net or phone me at 206 679 0925 if you're interested.

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