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Need some help, bought the above rod last fall, and ignored advice, like the schmuck i am, and put a Delta Long, on it. Yes i was told it was for more experienced casters, but i didn't want to fork out another 80 bucks, when i got experience, so like a [email protected]$$ teenager, i decided to start at the top of the ladder. Now understand, this is my first spey rod, i like it very much, but that delta long just seems so damn heavy on it. does anybody have this specific rod? and do they have a line that they really like on it?, i'd like some recommendations. guess i'll be spending that extra 80 bucks after all, lol.
p.s. anybody want to buy a Delta Long Floating? it only has about 90 minutes use on it, lol.
Here's some lines that we've found fish well on that rod:

-CND Gravity Point 9/10
-SA Mastery Mid-Head
-SA Mastery Spey Multi-tip

GH - I see you are in Renton - the other suggestion that I'd make is that you head out to River Run Anglers 'Day at the River'. Every Saturday, Aaron has a host of rods and lines to try out. There's often some great instruction - and you should be able to try out some lines on your rod. That way you can be sure you like your next line purchase!

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If your Delta Long is a 9/10 there is absolutely nothing wrong with it for that rod for a new caster. I believe all the mid-head lines are very good for new spey casters. Hold the junction of the running line head in your top hand and cast away. As you get more proficient you will be able to gradually extend the running line/head junction farther out.

The 9/10 WC, Delta, Spey Short Head, Jim Teeny are all good choices as well.

Kristin's advice to hit Aaron's on a Sat. is also very good. Before you dump the DL and spend more you should try some demo lines which you can do at Aaron's. If that is not convenient for you I will send a couple lines for you to try with no obligation.


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Thanks for the Pep talk Red. Maybe i should stick with it. i know i can make it work, i got the basic cast down pretty good, but it just seems that too much effort is involved. i didn't anticipate the weight of the line, makes the rod feel like its got a 1 pound sinker on the tip. I'm thinking something lighter with the head extended much more foward would work better for me. i watch other guys throwing a spey and it just seems so effortless, like their line has no weight at all, but i know this to be just another Noob remark.
I'm using the just released Jim Teeny 9/10/11 floating line on the same TFO and it is a beautiful caster, even with my rather pedestrian skills. It was designed by Lani Waller who spends every autumn on the Babine River guiding out ot the Silver Hilton Lodge. Others have been giving the Teeny Spey lines excellent reviews.
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