Middle Fork vs Keys

I just moved back from living in the Florida Keys for the last couple of years.

Dolphin, and Tarpin aplenty down there. Yet even when I was pulling in a 22 lb tuna from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, my mind drifted back to my little spot on the M. Fork of the Snoqualmie.

We are pretty lucky to have a such a spot. ...of course since I have been back, I have gotten skunked. Using 12-14 Elk hairs and parachute Adams on the upper river beyond the Middle Fork trail bridge (toward the end of the M.F. Road). (And up on the Taylor.) I have always gone dry fly, but it sounds as if the Wooleys are really working. Do I have to go wet to have much luck this time of year on the MF?

Any suggestions?



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You have a better shot of finding access to more of the river since it is so low. But then you'll probably be fishing the water that get's the most pressure. To do really well, you either need to be in the right place at the right time (get lucky) or be ready to work to find the fish. Even now I noticed the fish starting to move from their summer hangouts and into the slower and deeper spots. I'll bet if you found one of these deep poos\runs in the afternoon and evening during the dry fly fishing would be pretty good...

Brad Niemeyer

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Middle Fork

Last week I was able to hook, land, and release 5 small cutthroats on the middle fork right under the first bridge...that's about average( for me) for an hour of fishing. All on dry flys mostly a big #12 trude adams. Fish start rising a couple of hours before dusk...Biggest was 9"...I was unable to determine what they were rising to...small caddis and a variety small dries were all refused...very picky for such small fish.

Middle Fork

A friend and I fished the M. Fork last Thursday afternoon. A few miles past the bridge is a turnout with a 15 minute trail going back to the river. Very nice spot but all fish we caught were 6 - 8" no exceptions. We used Humpys & an orange not-sure-what? and action was good, just no size. I'm heading out this afternoon & will go further up-river. Think I'll try around the Pratt river junction & toss some beadhead buggers just for grins. I'll post results later but hope to find some better size! :COOK Troutski


Be the guide...
Middle Fork

Troutski - work downstream from the pratt junction. Concentrate on the deep runs where you can't see bottom. I've caught some decent trout in that area and some 1 to 3 lb whitefish :)