Beulah 6/7 Switch off the beach

Long time lurker finally making a cast on this board. I recently picked up a Beulah 10'6" 6/7 Switch rod. I'd like to string it up with a Rio Outbound for doublehand overhead casting off the beach for cuts and resident coho. Anyone have experience casting this rod with the Outbound? I'm looking for line weight recommendations.
I have the 6wt in the 9' single hand Guide model that Beulah modified and attached a fighting butt to. It is a very fast rod and coupled with the Outbound line is a pretty deadly beach set up. I have also been interested in their switch rods...tell us how this rig works for you. Thanks.


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I have the 7/8 beulah switch and use it off the beach too. I'm using the 8 wt outbound. Gotta tell you, I don't love the running line!!!! too fine for my taste. The 8 wt outbound is quite a bit light for the 7/8 switch for "spey/underhand" casting, but you CAN do it out to about 65 feet when the tide is high and trees are at your back... I would assume 7 weight outbound would be nice on yours, but heck, give beulah, or Bob Meiser a call and ask! Great rod, and even in the 7/8 a bulldog 12 incher puts a nice bend in the rod!
Thanks Phil.

Does the 8 wt Outbound work fine on your rod for overhead? Did you try the 9 wt Outbound?

I have the Beulah 6/7 Switch line (think it's the same as their River Extra Line, but not sure) and it performs great for both underhand and overhead casts. However it is a full floater and I prefer a intermediate for the majority of my salt water angling and really like the concept of a integrated shooting the extra distance. Thus the desire for the Outbound floating/intermediate. The Beulah switch line is 280 Gr at 30' and 400 Gr at 40' so you can see this rod/line combo has a very large grain window.

However the Outbound is certainly a different set up with relatively short head. From your note it sounds like you need more grain weight for underhanding the Outbound than for overhead casting. Thier specs show head weights of 240 Gr for #6, 275 Gr for #7, 330 Gr for #8, and 375 Gr for #9. Since I will be primarily overhead casting from the beach, my guess is that the 7 or 8 looks about right, but just don't know without casting them first.


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Hey Oly

I really don't think you'd want the 8, although there isn't a huge difference in the 6/7 and 7/8 rod in my opinion. For overhead, 330 grains in the outbound length line is more than enough on the 7/8. No desire to try the 9 for overhead, as with a slow smooth stroke, the 8 makes the reel chirp on every cast :thumb: Deep wading with a 12 foot leader, it can sometimes feel like too much, with the backcast dropping and hitting the water behind me.

I have to admit, my natural spey stroke is not an underhand stroke. it's longer than that. The outbound might underhand cast much better with a shorter stroke. I like the river extra line too! I have the 9 wt. (which is really and 11 or 12).

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