question i'm finally able to fish again so i decided to do a little src fishing, looked up the post on src on main page and got a few area's to hit the water, went to olalla like the post suggested and found it posted no tresspassing what's the deal any help would be nice :DUNNO


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I presume you are referring to the parking area at the boat ramp. I think it has been posted to avoid liability on the part of the owner. It is still commonly used for launching and as a parking area for foot access to the beach north of the estuary. I have never seen anyone ticketed or harassed while parked there. Access to the beach is via the steps immediately to the right of the store/gas station (where they make excellent sandwiches, by the way)
So, what's the problem? The article specifically tells you there is a property rights issue at Olalla and you should be forwarned; why the surprise?

Very simply, many years ago the state granted exclusivity to owners of waterfront property for shellfishing purposes; they gave those rights to the LOW water mark. The owner of that area in Olalla exercised her legal rights and posted the No Trespassing signs, very much for the reasons Preston indicated: liability.
If you do a search for Olalla on this site, you'll find several discussions addressing the issues at Olalla.