Skykomish, Stilliguamish, Skagit Chum reports

I'm hoping to get a free day or two next week and would REEAALLLLLY like to get into some good numbers of Chum. Other than across the boarder or on the OLYPEN, where are the best numbers being seen along the I-5 corridor? Care to go Quid Pro Quo? It does'nt matter if you Need to lead me blindfolded and kill me before we go home, I'm in need of a Chum fix and would like to go where there won't be an army of gearheads. Please respond so we all can know, or send me a Pvt Msg. and I'll keep my mouth shut. :AA

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Do you think that you could get Tuesday off. If you can we could check out some of these hot spots.Just the two of us,we could make it a date :KISS

Come on guys, you can't tell me that there are not any of you catchin' Chum, or that you all have too many fishing buddies already. Give up some dirt and lets do together what we can't do alone! I know of a secret place that is in the middle of the woods, 5 min. from town, and full of all kinds of fish........ to bad it is'nt big enough to take my spey rod. That's allright, you can spend your nights dreaming of a place like this and I'll keep fishing it alone and let the spey rod collect dust, have it your way! :COOK
Take the extra time to cross the border and fish the Vedder in BC. It has been incredible. I'm going to check out the Skagit hopefully this week. I'll let you know if I find anything.
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im in the same boat as you. i want/need/have to catch a few chums but i have no one to go with. i was thinking stilly this weekend.

That was my intention too, but now that It's rained all day the river is more than likely to be brown where I would have fished. I sdo know of a spot on the Skagit but it sucks when you have to drive all that way alone. Let's hook up sometime and try to slay some.

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I was up there today, with papafish, on the Skagit. Up past Marblemount. It rained, but the water was clear. No chum or coho jumping. Just a lot of dead bodies. Just fishing, no catching. Saw some folks, later in the day, fishing the upper part of the Sauk. Gear and bait chuckers. On the NF of the Stilly were a few people fishing for cutts, but not as many as I expected for a weekend. It just seemed really quiet up there. But then with seven kids, anything is quiet.



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Hey Matt,

Great fishing with you today, I guess it was more like driving with you though, as we coverd a lot of miles for the same fish!

Anyway we saw a lot of great places to go back to.

I know where there will be plenty of chums in about a week or so, let's give it another try soon.

I saw those guys on the Sauk too, so I guess that upper section is still open.


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Heck,that's stumpfisher territory. But he's not here any more. Didn't like the company. He's got property right on the Skagit right where Diposud creek runs in. In fact where that creek runs into the Skagit. the property to the left belongs to the State and we the people have access to it.Nice little hole there. I fished it a few times.


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I fished the lower Stilly (Hat Slough) all day today. Actually met the Old Man, but he was having a bad day, so I spent most of it alone.

Chums are leaping, racing, and hitting flies and lures in the lower Stilly. I strangly enough struck out. I have heard that where you are is very important to catching salmon on the fly. And it proved itself out. I fished one hole for about 2 hours today. One guy fished from one position on that hole for the same time. He hooked up with 4, I zeroed.

He even gave me one of his flies, basically a orange body, orange hackle, bead head soft hackle fly. It was tied on a #6 TDE steelhead hook (3XS). I was impressed that such a fly would catch a chum, but I guess it is shrimp like.

I did catch one sucker of about 4 pounds while dredging the confluence hole with a shooting head and a copper bugger. The Old Man saw it, but we did not get a picture.

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Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

It's the honest truth,and it was ugly.

With the little rain that we had today I don't think that it will rile up any water unless it poured up in the mountains. This type of rain is meant to piss us off and keep the fool hardy off the river.But us old timers just pull out the rain gear and keep at it. Ha Ha Ha. :TONGUE


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

The Sauk is open up as far as Elliot Creek,but closes on the end of this month from White Chuck River on up.You asked where that is,just follow the Mountain Loop Hiway out of Darrington. Instead of turning at the stop sign you go straight. That road takes you out of Darrington to Granite Falls via the Mountain Loop Hiway.It's a nice drive if you don't mind a lot of pot holes. It's gravel from White Chuck to Barlow pass.

All right guys, this is pretty pathetic. Here I am posting a report on my own inquiry. Although I did go alone, I had 2 other Fly Fishers to fish with (I don't think they were from this site though). The lower Stily (below I-5) is loaded right now. I went 2 for 4 today with the first being kind of dark, but still an awsome fight, my guess would 15lbs. The second was mint bright with sea lice all over it and a little larger, the fish brought me into the backing 3 times. these fish must be making a WFO run at high tide and this hole was their first stop. anyway, lets hear some more news....
Eaaasy metlhead... We'll get you into some urban chum that you won't have to travel for.

The Green River:

Go to Flaming Geyser State Park. Access the Green Valley Rd off highway 18 just outside Auburn. If anything, the Green Valley RD is the most rural thing I have ever seen so close to an urban area. Its really pleasant. You will then turn into the park which is well marked and go over a "Mr Fancy-pants" ultra-modern looking bridge and you'll take like your first or second left to a Remote Control airplane field where you park. You then walk 30 feet from your car and catch and accidentally snag the biggest damn chum you've ever taken. Catching chum is a special moment that can only be compared to pulling a log off the river bottom. You'll have to give them the time they need to get up there. You Seattle guys haven't had much rain but I hear it was quite a downpour yesterday. Thats good. If it continues to rain they'll be up to Auburn in 5 days. Anymore crappy weather and they'll be stacked up on the reds at Flaming Geyser before you know it. Good luck getting a backcast in with the horde you'll be fishing with!!

Also, with current conditions and a chum fix that you need to get, I would fish right in downtown Auburn.


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