area 11/13 resident silvers


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I was fishing pretty much every day up until about a month ago and didn't run across any. I was out paddling yesterday and saw a lot of bait fish / prey fish activity in deep, featureless water.

Starting this week I will be out again with some consistancy and hope to find out what is going on.
Lots of resident coho around the southwest tip of McNeil Island. Pitt Passage has a good rip around that point. Look for them in close on the southwest side of McNeil Island, and at the northwest exit from Pitt Passage.

Also have seen vast schools of baitfish (maybe smolt, not sure, didn't get a good look) on the flats between Luha Beach and Nisqually Head. The resident silvers were chewing them up but good when I found them. Look for the silvers in water just deep enough to intermittently lose sight of the bottom and about 5 or 6 ft.

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