Fishing near Whistler

Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
The Squamish River is worth hitting on your way to Whistler. This river is somewhat well known for its late season Chum run. The Chum can be exceedingly bright, I've caught Chum that were pure silver!!! There are numerous access points most of which are fairly visible because there are cars parked near them. The Howe Sound brewery has good ale and I'd suggest it after a day of Chum fishing.

Watch the knuckles...
i just got back from whistler yesterday. the weather is changing fast up there. so i'm not sure how much lake fishing you would be able to get in during the time you plan to go up.

last friday i hired a guide from and we went south to squamish. the chums are there and they are strong. i brought in 6 to hand and another 6-8 ldr's in a 4 1/2 hr period. they had no problem taking line and backing and a few bruised knuckles. the guide mentioned that the chum run will last for only another couple of weeks and then slow down. BUT, he did mention that the winter run of silvers (?) will be hittin the river starting in late nov.

overall, it was an great trip, especially bring in a big 18 lb fresh buck i.e. knuckle bruiser.

good luck and tight lines.