Trolling with frogs effective technique

Per National Geographic News:
A photograph that has been circulating on the internet showing a shark leaping out of the water to attack a helicopter, is a fake. The composite image, which claims to be National Geographic's "Photo of the Year," was spliced together from a U.S. Air Force photo taken near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and a photo of a shark from South Africa. ....


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Hey Salt Dog ...All I can say is after watching that South Africa footage on White Sharks jumping and head butting and spanking seals.......It's Surfs Up let's go boarding!!!!...I'll watch and have a beer from my towel on the sand.

Oregon coast has been known to get those get's those critters from time to time. Sorry...but even in the Puget Sound that stuff is in the back of my mind. :) kinda
I hear ya Porter. I saw that same show on South African jumping White Sharks and it left an impression for sure.

I have caught sharks and barracuda on the fly, been amazed at their speed and power as game fish, but I've also done a fair amount of diving and snorkeling and its a whole different thing being in the water with them on their home turf.

It's always very unsettling on a primordial level to realize that I'm just one more item on the menu, whether it be sharks or grizzlies; gives you a different perspective when you are the possible quarry for a better evolved predator. It also makes you appreciate and respect them when you do catch them.

Steve Rohrbach

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Jim, I took a behind the scenes tour of the Grizzly exhibit at Woodlawn Park. The keeper who had worked with the bears for 16 years was asked if they had developed a relationship and friendship. His reply, "I have to remind myself everyday that they just view me as another possible meal." It was clear as we fed them through the screen that they would have preferred a finger or hand to what we were offering.

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