Narrows Report

Went to the Narrows this afternoon right after the rain storm and fished it until 4. I saw lots of baitfish, they were 2.5-4" with a few five inchers thrown in. Saw larger schools and saw quite a few jumping periodically. I was unable to hook up with anything until right at the end. I saw a few bait-fish jumping and cast in front of them and started stripping like usual but this time I decided to mix it up and strip VERY quickly and about 10 feet from me a nice 14" cutthroat slammed it. It was very exciting considering it was my first cutthroat and that several people walked down to the waters edge to see me play it and to see the fish. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no glory shots. I talked to another angler who landed a 15 incher and hooked and lost others. My suggestion would be to just stalk the shore until you see the bait fish jumping and try to get ahead of the school a bit and then let it sink and strip fast.


Congrats on your first cuttie, shoot me a PM if you ever head down again, it's not far from home, I'd come down and fish w/you.
Ibn, Hopefully I can make it down again before I head off to New Zealand on the 28th. I will be back over on this sunday, I might have time to fish it Sunday or possibly Monday.

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